Premium Membership plans change log

HotelTechReport is constantly growing our audience and rolling out new features, benefits and exclusive discounts for Premium Members to constantly increase the value of membership for our members.

About once a year HTR repackages Premium membership plans which occasionally comes with a slight change in pricing to cover the new plan benefits.

For existing members, most new benefits are automatically grandfathered in at no additional charge for the duration of your membership; however, some new benefits do require you to update to the most current version of Premium to access them.

Below shows each version of Premium, any price changes and new benefits that were rolled out (as well as which are included for existing members and which require an upgrade to the current version of premium).

Current versionPremium 3.0

Premium Membership version overview

  • 🚀 Premium v1.0 Membership (Oct 2018): The first membership plan ever rolled out on HotelTechReport which included basic functionality like v1 premium profiles, v1 automated review manager and press release posting-- 📈HTR audience/traffic: 14,997 users
  • 🚀 Premium v2.0 Membership (June 2019): Updated membership plans with new benefits including hosted report+unlimited downloads, content credits, discounted sponsored content and advertising, new automation features for the automated review manager and more (Price change from previous year: + ~$1,200/year) -- 📈HTR audience/traffic: 20,284 users (⬆+35%)
  • 🚀 Premium v3.0 Membership (April 2020): This year we added thousands of dollars in new features, benefits and discounts for members (Price change from prior year: no price increase to help companies struggling during the COVID crisis) -- 📈HTR audience/traffic: 39,278 users (⬆+94%)

👉 Current Audience Stats (updated 11/1/20): 96k (⬆+146%) View audience stats in Media Kit

🚀 Premium 1.0 Membership (Oct 2018)

  • 🗓Member registration date: Upgraded between October 2018 - June 2019
  • 📈HTR audience/traffic: 14,997 users

Benefits included:

  1. Automated review manager (v1) to save time and generate reviews at scale to improve your rankings, reputation and visibility
  2. Upgraded premium profiles (v1) to transform your profiles into your best piece of sales collateral
  3. Respond to reviews to show prospects you're engaged and color any critiques
  4. Press release posting to save hundreds of dollars sharing your companies' latest news, announcements and updates

🚀 Premium 2.0 Membership (June 2019)

  • 🗓Member registration date: Upgraded between June 15, 2019 - April 1, 2020
  • 📈HTR audience/traffic: 20,284 users (⬆+35%)
  • 💸Price change: ~$100/mo (varies by plan)

Includes all benefits of 1.0 PLUS:

  1. Update #1: Hosted reports + unlimited downloads
  2. Update #2: Content Credits*
  3. Update #3: Automated Review Manager (v2)
  4. Update #4: Premium profile redesign (v2)
  5. Update #5: Exclusive Access & Discounts on Sponsored Content*

*1.0 members are required to upgrade to current version to access benefit, all other benefits are grandfathered in for the duration of your membership at no additional charge

🚀 Premium 3.0 Membership (latest version)

  • 🗓 Member registration date: Upgraded between April 1, 2020 - present
  • 📈 HTR audience/traffic: 39,278 users (⬆+94%) (April 2020)
  • 💸 Price change: No price change.  Upfront payment benefits (see #11 below) replaced previous 15% annual member discount from 1.0 and 2.0 plans

Update (June 2021): HTR audience update (as of June '21) = 140k monthly users up from 39k when Premium 3.0 Membership plans were rolled out. To help companies during COVID Premium 3.0 Membership pricing has not changed since the rollout of 3.0 back in April 2020).

Includes all benefits of 2.0 PLUS:

  1. ⚡️Improved lead visibilityAdded visibility to generate more leads via the Lead booster update
  2. 💌 Enhanced review collection: Enhanced functionality for manual verifications, review update requests, internal contests, simultaneous campaigns+campaign analytics
  3. ⚖️ Upgraded comparison pages: Feature Premium profile content in product comparison pages Learn more
  4. 🤑 More discounts: Advertising (Learn more), sponsored content, annual content packages (Learn more) and discounted leads (Learn more)
  5. 💸 Lead credit: Gold and Platinum plans include substantial lead credit to connect with in market buyers year round*
  6. 👩🏼‍💻Guest posting: Post your thought leadership on HTR to build your brand as a thought leader.
  7.  📝 Sponsored articles: Get sponsored articles with Gold and Platinum plans*
  8. 📣 Advertising: Build your brand through strategic targeted advertising via the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web*
  9. 🛒 Package discounts: New Gold and Platinum Membership plans that include advertising, sponsored content, buyers guides, lead credit and more plus 30%-40% bundled discounts
  10. 🎁 Annual Member Upfront payment bonus: HotelTechAwards, lead credit and review incentive cards included with 3.0 plans*

* Existing Premium 1.0 and 2.0 members are required to upgrade to the current version of Premium to access these benefits, all other benefits are grandfathered in for the duration of your membership at no additional charge140k