Run multiple automated review campaigns at the same time and track performance

Up until now, each member of your team could only run a single automated review campaign at a time because their campaign templates would be in use for the duration of the automated review campaign (2-weeks).

Now, you can as many review campaigns as you want at the same time and see which ones perform best from the new campaign history tab.

Use cases:

  • Send smaller batch targeted review campaigns instead of mass outreach
  • Launch simultaneous campaigns to clients in different regions in different languages
  • Run multiple campaigns at once with different copy in your templates and see which performs better to improve over time

What's New:

  1. Campaign Setup Wizard: Give your campaign a title, preview your templates and and target specific products to shore up your weaknesses (shout out to Richard @ Quore for the inspiration here!)
  2. Simultaneous campaigns/template lock-in: Send multiple campaigns at once with ease with template lock in where the templates are set at the time you send the campaign and then you can update your templates to send a new one.  Key use cases include collaborative campaigns where multiple team members want to run simultaneous campaigns, running various campaigns to different geo segments of clients who speak different languages, etc
  3. Campaign history tab: See analytics and conversion around the campaigns your team has sent to learn what works best and optimize over time.