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2021 Buyers Guide Sponsor Process

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The goal of the budget season buyer's guides is to create a living document that continues evolving over the years becoming the ultimate primer for each category.

While the design and production of each buyers guide is handled by HTR, one of the benefits of being a sponsor is getting to contribute to the content and updates as outlined below.

  1. Category questionnaire: If you are in a new category that doesn't have an existing buyers guide, HTR will send along a link to a short questionnaire where you get an opportunity to influence the content of the guide and infuse it with your expertise
  2. Annual updates:  If your category has a buyer's guide from last year, you will be sent a link to provide any suggestions, revisions or changes to the existing guide's content to update it to the current year and keep it fresh and current.
  3. New value add content: Each year HTR looks to make the buyer's guides more robust and valuable to hoteliers by adding a new piece of content that sponsors will get featured placement in and be able to contribute insights towards.  Last year it was sample ROI pitches/calculators to help buyers understand how to pitch the category internally to stakeholders.  In 2020, the new content will be robust RFP feature checklists (more info will be provided after buyers guides have officially gone on sale towards the end of June).

2021 Budget Season Buyer's Guide Sponsor Key Dates: 

🎟 Registration

  • Feb 1, 2020 -June 1, 2020: 2020 HotelTechAward winner early reservation period
  • June 1-June 15: Premium Member early reservation period
  • June 15-July 15: Regular registration period (1x/category, first-come-first-serve)

🎨 Production

  • July 1-July 15: Sponsors content collaboration and submission period. Sponsors will be sent submission link and instructions the first week of July
  • July 15-Aug 15: HTR design and production period
  • Aug 1-Aug 15: Sponsors are able to review draft guides and submit revisions via Dropbox comments (link and instructions will be sent to sponsors)

🚀 Go live

  • Aug 15-Sept 15: Guides go live as they finish production and being being promoted on HotelTech Report
  • Sept 15, 2020-Sept 15, 2021: 1-year buyers guide placement and promotion on HotelTechReport through 2022 budget season

2021 Budget Season Buyer's Guides Go on Sale June 15th

On June 15th, the 2021 budget season buyer's guides officially go on sale to all vendors in the HTR community with one spot per category to be the exclusive sponsor in your category for a full year on HotelTechReport.

While its certainly not a typical year for any of us we do think this is one of HTR's best value offerings with turnkey content production, year round exclusivity and targeted brand placement all bundled into one package (with optional performance and localization add-ons).

Budget season is still a few months away so now is the time to solidify brand visibility.  Standing out with a clear message to buyers this budget season is going to be absolutely critical in what is sure to be a noisy world of COVID recovery marketing.

Please keep in mind that since there is only one spot per year in each category, guides are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Key Dates & Deadlines

  • Feb 1-June 1: 2020 HotelTechAward winner early reservation period
  • June 1-June 15: Premium Member early reservation period
  • June 15-July 15: Regular reservation period
  • July 15-Aug 15: Production period
  • Aug 15-Sept 15: Guides go live as they finish production and being being promoted on HotelTech Report
  • Sept 15, 2020-Sept 15, 2021: 1-year buyers guide placement and promotion on HotelTechReport through 2022 budget season

What's new in 2021?

We've made some major enhancements to buyers guides to give sponsors even more visibility and value including:

  • 🎨 Enhanced branding to make sure your brand resonates and stays top of mind
  • 🙌  New front and center in-category native brand placement 
  • 🎁 Optional performance based add-ons
  • 🇸🇧 Localization & translation to leverage your guide in local marketing (optional add-on)
  • 💸 Performance to enlist HTR to run turnkey campaigns to your guide and generate downloads for you (optional add-on)

Buyers guide sponsor FAQs

  1. What does it mean to be a sponsor?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. What is the process once my company registers?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Is there a performance marketing model available?

🐞 Duplicate notification emails (RESOLVED)

Some users may have received duplicate notification emails between ~7pm PST on May 20,2020 and 5pm PST on May 21, 2020.

This issue has been resolved and our apologies for any inconvenience or frustration caused here 🙏

Thanks to our #1 🐞bug hunter Ben @ Volo for helping us catch this pest!

🐞 Incorrect minimum review threshold in vendor dashboard after the recent update (RESOLVED)

With the rollout from the latest HT Score update from April New Quality Signal Variables Update we noticed that the counter for minimum review threshold in the dashboard wasn't showing the correct number (see below).  

Thanks to our bug hunters of the day--Marvin and Ari @ RoomPriceGenie for spotting this pest so we could squash him like the bug that he is.

Status: This issue has been resolved and the dashboard now shows the correct variance from the minimum review threshold per the April HT Score update.

Want to check the category average to double check?

Head to your category, click the compare button on the upper right of any product tile and take the average # of reviews for products in your category with at least 30 reviews. 

Like many of you, we've taken the current crisis as an opportunity to refactor some of our code base and inevitably, a few pesky 1 🐞s will slip through the cracks and this is one of those bugs so appreciate your patience and you bringing anything you find to our attention so we can fix it asap 🙏

Issue accepting leads (RESOLVED)

Status update: RESOLVED

Yesterday we rolled out some performance improvements to the lead inbox so that companies with hundreds of leads whose dashboards previously took up to 15 seconds to load (so sorry!) they will now load instantly.

The good news...we deployed the code refactoring update last night (May 7th) and your dashboard will now load all leads instantaneously without any load time (woot!).

The bad news...users have pointed out 3 little bugs that we're working on fixing:

  1. 🐞Bug #1: After you purchase a lead, the details don't appear (RESOLVED)
  2. 🐞Bug #2: Lead pricing doesn't show in the accept modal (RESOLVED)
  3. 🐞Bug #3: The forward to CRM feature is passing through 'matched' as the source for RFP leads even though the source should be RFP. (RESOLVED)

Thanks to our bug hunters of the day Chris @ Protel, Gustav @ ASSA ABLOY, Nancy @ Pegasus and Valyn @ Nor1 for hunting down these pests.

🐞 Bug #1: After you purchase a lead, the details don't appear (RESOLVED)

Temporary fix, just make sure to reload your page after you purchase a lead and the details will appear correctly.

🐞 Bug #2: Lead pricing doesn't show in the accept modal (RESOLVED)

When accepting leads, price was missing in the modal after pressing the 'accept' button.  

🐞 Bug #3: CRM forwarding showing incorrect source for RFP leads (PENDING)

RFP leads currently are sending the source as 'matched' in the CRM forwarding feature of the lead inbox when in fact the source is RFP and they are direct leads.

(we are working on a fix for this)

Free trial limitations

Please note that if you activate the free trial of the automated review manager, you will only have access to this feature but none of the other members only features, benefits and exclusive discounts.

You may notice that premium profile fields currently get unlocked during your free trial of the automated review manager; however, you will still have basic profiles (not premium profiles) so while you can add content to these fields these are premium fields that are only displayed on premium profiles.

Thanks to our 🐞 bug hunter of the day Asaf @ EasyWay 🙏

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