New Perk: Added visibility lead booster

(NEW) Update: Added Visibility for Premium Members (March 2022)

While all rankings on HTR are (and always will) be entirely based on customer reviews and the HT Score, there are additional placements throughout the site where premium members get enhanced brand placement and visibility through the lead booster perk.

Visibility and reputation are the key to generating more leads on Hotel Tech Report so making sure you are visible throughout the buying journey is critical which is why we're adding boosted visibility in select unbiased areas of the buyer journey.

Rankings within categories are (and always be) entirely based on customer reviews and the HT Score

But Premium Members can now benefit from thousands of additional (non-ranking based) placements throughout key areas of the buyer journey...enter...the 🚀 lead booster

I. Boosted Visibility in the RFP Workflow

Premium Members will now benefit from added visibility in HTR's RFP builder tool where hoteliers can select feature requirements, upload RFP documents and more to streamline their workflow and gather information faster in the research process to find the best fit for their hotels.

II. Boosted Visibility in Direct Request Modals

Hoteliers typically consider 2-3 options when narrowing down their consideration set during the research process so now Premium Members get priority placement and more chances to slide right into hoteliers' consideration set with boosted visibility in direct lead requests.

III. Boosted visibility in alternatives