Phase III: Share of Voice Update is Live

Update: Share of Voice Implemented

Continued from Phase II: HT Score Poseidon Update is now live

The 3rd and final Phase of the Poseidon algorithm update is now live and can be seen in the Reputation Report Card.

Rollout notes: 

  1. Please note that more than 90% of companies on Hotel Tech Report will not be impacted by this update.  Only companies with lots of reviews from very few hotels are likely to notice any impact.
  2. Please note that while Share of Voice will now display in the Reputation Report card for companies to see their current standings, it will not impact scoring for the 2022 HotelTechAwards and its weighting will be officially rolled out into the algorithm in February 2022 after winners are announced

What is the Share of Voice client bias update?

We’ll use two hypothetical vendors to illustrate the importance of this algorithm patch: Vendor A and Vendor B. Vendor A has 30 reviews from 30 hotels, Vendor B has 30 reviews from 1 hotel client. 

In this example, you can see that while both vendors have the same # of reviews, this is not an apples-to-apples comparison when it comes to credibility and install base since Vendor A has 30 verified hotel clients and Vendor B has only 1. 

The Share of Voice variable will help identify potential client selection bias (aka. cherry picking) that can arise if a vendor is strategically only asking for feedback from a select number of clients versus reaching out to their full install base.

Who will be impacted by the client bias update?

Most companies will not be impacted by this update.  The only companies that will be impacted will be ones who have selectively sought to only seek feedback from lots of users at a small sample of client hotels.

*Note: You can still get a handful of reviews from a single property; however, if all of your reviews are coming from a small amount of properties the algorithm will identify this as potential cherry picking/gaming and your score will be impacted as a result

What can we do to maximize our score for the client bias update?

Just make sure you are reaching out organically for feedback to your client base instead of cherry picking select clients.  Also, take note that while you may certainly collect a handful of reviews from different users at a given hotel--if your strategy has been to try to game the system and collect tons of reviews from a single hotel (or small number of hotels) this will be identified by the algorithm update and your score will be impacted.  Hopefully it goes without saying but...make sure your review collection is organic, representative and diverse and you are not trying to game the system by gathering lots of a reviews from only a few select clients.

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