2022 Budget Season Buyer's Guides Sponsorships Now on Sale


  • What is it...Once a year limited availability sponsorship opportunity for a single vendor to be the exclusive sponsor in each category of HTR's official budget season buyer's guide
  • What's included...High quality turnkey co-branded content, exclusive native advertising placement in your category for a full year on Hotel Tech Report and 1-year content license to leverage the guide throughout your marketing to generate leads
  • When is it available...2022 Budget Season Buyer's Guides are open for sponsors to reserve beginning June 1, 2021
  • Limited availability...Since there is only one spot per year in each category, guides are offered on a first-come-first-served basis
  • A few reasons to become a sponsor...Buyer's guides are one of HTR's best value offerings because they not only include turnkey content production but sponsorship also includes year round exclusivity as well as targeted native advertising front and center to own your category for a full year on HTR.  Budget season is still a few months away so now is the time to solidify brand visibility.  Standing out with a clear message to buyers this budget season is going to be absolutely critical in what is sure to be a noisy world of COVID recovery marketing.


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What is a buyer's guide?

The goal of the budget season buyer's guides is to create a living document that continues to evolve year over year becoming the ultimate primer for each category.  HTR partners with one sponsor per category each year to be the exclusive sponsor of that year's budget season buyer's guide.

While the design and production of each buyers guide is handled by HTR, sponsors are featured prominently throughout the guide and on Hotel Tech Report for a full year through the following year budget season and additionally are able to contribute ideas, insights and content to infuse the guide with their unique expert perspective on the category.

Key Dates & Deadlines

*Underlined = sponsor involvement

  • May 1 -June 1: Premium Member early reservation period
  • June 1-June 30: Regular registration period
  • June 14 - July 6: Partner questionnaire completion period
  • June 15-July 15: HTR designs and produces buyers guides drafts
  • July 15-July 30: Sponsor feedback and content collaboration period (Round 1)
  • August 1 - August 8: HTR implements round 1 feedback
  • August 8 - August 15: Sponsor review period and final revisions (Round 2)
  • August 15 - August 30: HTR implements final revisions
  • September 1: Guides go live as they finish production and begin being promoted on HotelTech Report and sponsors receive hard copy along with 1-year content license
  • Sept 1, 2021-Sept 1, 2022: 1-year buyers guide placement and promotion on Hotel Tech Report through 2022 budget season

Buyers guide sponsor FAQs

  1. What does it mean to be a sponsor?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. What is the process once my company registers?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Is there a performance marketing model available?

Hosted Reports Live Report Limit Reinstated

The rollout of the New Credits & Ledger System brought members more flexibility to use their post credits towards any type of post (eg. press releases, hosted reports or guest posts).

In a short period of time we have seen a flood of hosted reports from a handful of vendors which has caused a few unintended side-effects including (a) other member's reports to get buried and lose visibility (b) dilution of the diversity of the content in the reports library (making it less valuable for hoteliers).

As such, HTR has decided to revise it's policy regarding hosted reports to include:

  1. Members may use their post credits flexibly towards various types of posting
  2. Members may upload new reports using post credits available on their account
  3. Members may post as many hosted reports as they'd like
  4. Members may only host a certain number of hosted reports at a given time in the reports library and this number is based on the number included with your plan (which can be viewed under your plan benefits in the membership portal of the vendor dashboard)

This hybrid policy allows for some of the benefits of flexible posting credits of the new system while also retaining the merits of the initial policy including equal visibility for member content and a diverse array of content for hoteliers.


Why is This Update Beneficial for Hoteliers and Vendors?

Ultimately this slight policy update allows all vendors to retain the flexibility of using their post credits towards any type of posting while also ensuring that the report library remains diverse with fair visibility to all members.

  • For hoteliers...ensures that the reports library contains a diverse set of value add content from various member companies across a wide array of topics and categories
  • For vendors...ensures that it isn't a constant race to constantly burn through credits adding more and more new hosted reports to try to keep up and capture mind share in the hosted reports library.  It also ensures that a single vendor (or small subset of vendors) can't hijack the reports library fully and allows for all members to gain visibility for their content.

Have My Benefits Changed from My Plan?

No.  All membership plans include a set number of reports that can be live at a given time in the reports library to capture downloads.  You can find the number of hosted reports that your company can have live in the reports library by viewing your membership plan benefits in the membership portal.

Why Has the Live Report Limit Been Reinstated?

Unfortunately in a short period of time we have already seen an unintended side effect which has been a flood of hosted reports from a handful of vendors which caused other member's reports to get buried.  In addition to hijacking visibility from other members' content, the flood of reports posted from a handful of vendors has diluted the diversity of the content in the reports library on the site making it less valuable for hoteliers.

As such, HTR has decided to reinstate the live report limitations based on membership plans to allow for some of the benefits of flexible posting credits of the new system while also retaining the equality and diversity that came with the initial limit on the number of live reports a single company can host in the reports library at a given time.

This hybrid approach allows for the flexibility of the new credits system while also ensuring that all members get similar visibility in the reports library and that the downloads library retains diversity to increase the value proposition for hoteliers.

What Has Changed About the Hosted Reports Posting Policy

  • Policy #1 (Old Policy): Members had a specific # of hosted reports and they could have that many hosted reports live on the site at any given time
  • Policy #2 (3/10/21- Ledger System Updated Policy): Members receive flexible post credits instead of set quantities of each post type.  Members could then use flexible post credits towards hosted reports with the limit lifted as to the number of simultaneous hosted reports they could have live in the reports library to capture downloads at a given time
  • Policy #3 (4/5/21 - Revised Hybrid Policy): Vendors may use their post credits towards uploading as many hosted reports as they'd like; however, the limit as to the number of simultaneous reports a single company can have live on the site has been reinstated based on your plan

Subsidiary Memberships

Is Your Company a Premium Member with a Subsidiary and You Want to Unlock Membership Benefits for Your Subsidiary without Purchasing a New Membership at Full Price?

Premium Members can now receive discounted Premium Membership for their subsidiaries to access member features, benefits and exclusive discounts without having to purchase an entirely new membership for the separate company.

  • Silver Members: Get 50% discounted Silver Annual Membership for additional subsidiary companies you would like to access member benefits, credits and discounts
  • Gold Members: Includes free Silver Annual Membership for up to 1x subsidiary company
  • Platinum Members: Includes free Silver Annual Membership for up to 3x subsidiary companies

Learn more about discounted subsidiary membership

New Ledger & Credit System for Members

With the rollout of Premium 3.0 came lots of new benefits included with membership packages ranging from guest posting to review incentive cards, sponsored articles, advertising, lead credit and more.  

One of the requests that we've received from lots of members since is the ability to have a more streamlined and centralized place to track and use their various benefits so today we're excited to rollout the all new ledger and credit system 🧮 🚀

  • WHAT: New dashboard home, credits system, ledger and self service guest posting
  • WHY: Make it easier for members to track, manage and use their benefits

New Dashboard Home

Along with the new ledger and credits system comes a newly redesigned dashboard home page that brings a simplified view to the ways you can leverage HTR to educate buyers, build your brand and grow your install base.

New Credits System

In order to simplify benefit tracking, benefits can now be tracked according to the type of item that they are (eg. advertising credit, content credit, posting credit, lead credit).  Credits of each type can be used interchangeably for items that require the same credit type (eg. if you purchase 30 ad credits to run a sponsored retargeting campaign, you can instead decide to use those same ad credits for a different advertising product like an eblast).  

Credits will automatically accrue with your membership and be valid for use throughout the duration of your membership the same as they have been.

New Ledger System

If you are currently a member or have purchased ala cart credits off platform before you know how much of a pain this was.  Now, you can view your credit balances for each type of credit (eg. Advertising credit, Content Credit, Lead Credit) etc right from the settings tab of your vendor dashboard.  The new ledger system is also integrated into Membership Plans so when your plan renews, transactions are automatically created logging the benefits that you received with your membership plan and you will see your credit accounts increase respectively in real time.

Self Service Guest Posting

If your company has post credits available on your account you can use them to post guest posts to build your brand as a thought leader and boost the visibility of your content to reach HTR's audience of 100k+ hoteliers each month by submitting guest posts right through the vendor dashboard.


How did my company get starting balances?

If your company has starting balances it means that either a) you have purchased items in the past that have been converted 1-to-1 into the new credits system to simplify tracking and usage or (b) you have an active membership plan that is accruing credits automatically according to your plan benefits.

Can I see my company's history retroactively?

Unfortunately no.  The ledger system is setup to track all transactions (credit purchases and usages) on a go forward basis so any past purchases will not be viewable in the ledger.  That said, you will have a starting balance transaction that will include your company's current credit balances as of the launch date of the new ledger system.  If you have questions about your starting balances or past transactions please feel free to reach out via the on-site live chat and a member of the team will be happy to assist.

Has pricing changed with the new credits system?

No, prices haven't changed.  All prices are the same as they were previously, the only difference is that now you will add credits to your account that can be used interchangeably towards various items instead of having to buy a specific item giving you more flexibility.

Have my membership benefits changed?

No, your membership plan is exactly the same and includes the same benefits as always.  The only difference is that you can now use use credits accrued from your benefits on other items as well.  For example, let's say your plan includes 10 press releases/year which is equal to 10 post credits.  If you want, you could now instead choose to use those 10 post credits towards another type of posting like Guest Posting instead.

New Credits Systems

What Are the Credit Types?

  • Post Credits: Self service DIY content that can be posted by members right from the vendor dashboard which include: press releases (1 post credit), hosted reports (1 post credit) and guest posting (5 post credits)
  • Content Credits: Content that is produced by HTR in collaboration with the vendor requiring additional communications, processes and planning which include: Ghost Written Articles (2 content credits), Sponsored Articles - Short Form (2 content credits), Sponsored Articles - Long Form (4 content credits) and Buyers Guides (3 content credits)

What's Changing?

  • The Media Shop now had post and content credits separated
  • What is changing for members? Members still receive the same exact benefits from their membership plans but when checking and using balances, you will do so for post credits and content credits separately

Will My Balances Be Impacted?

No, your balances will not be impacted.  Companies will maintain the same dollar value balance, the only difference is that content credits now have a base price of $1000 instead of $250 previously.  Here's an example of why this doesn't impact your balance in terms of dollar value: 

Example: If your company had a previous content credit balance of 10 credits this had a dollar value of $2500 (10 x $250).  Since content credits are now valued at $1,000, your company would still have $2500 worth of content credit on your account, but it would now be 1.5 credits instead of 10 credits ($2500/ $1000=1.5 credits).

Do Premium Members Still Receive Discounted Preferred Pricing?

Premium Members still do receive the same discounted pricing on all items as they did previously as well as all of the benefits included with your membership which can be found in your membership portal.

Why is this changing?

Over the course of 2020 tons of new benefits have been added to membership including: lead credit, post credit, content credit, advertising credit, awards credit and more.  As these credit types have grown, so has the complexity in managing, tracking and using credits.  Therefore, in Q1 '21 HTR is rolling out a new dashboard home page and ledger system (sneak peek) to make this process more seamless, easy to utilize and transparent for members.  This update is in preparation of the upcoming improvements to the dashboard and credit management system.

10 New Review Manager Features

  1. Vendor verifications
  2. Link Pre-Filling
  3. Mass Followup
  4. See Anonymous Reviews
  5. Filter Reviews by Product
  6. Filter Reviews by Status
  7. Improved Template Formatting
  8. Send Test Campaigns
  9. Review Exports & Suppression List
  10. New copy/paste templates library

Vendor Verifications

Get unverified reviews verified faster with self-verifications. Premium members can now utilize a new type of verifications, self verification.  Self verifications mean you have to reach out to hoteliers fewer times while getting more reviews approved and verified.

Link Pre-Filling

Pre-fill links to run targeted campaigns to users and pre-select the products they use to reduce fields and increase conversion.

⏯Pre-filling links (in the review manager)

⏯Pre-fill links (outside of the review manager)

Mass Followup

Followup with users who didn't leave a review after campaigns are complete without going 1-by-1. Once users complete a campaign, then what? Instead of going one by one you can now bulk select and send a mass outreach template to lots of users at once.

See Anonymous Reviews

Feature request shout out: Michelle @ HelloShift

Filter Reviews by Product

Filter reviews by product to save time flipping between profiles. Save time flipping between profiles to read reviews and see which products each reviewer chose to review right from the review manager and filter your reviews by product to more easily find specific reviews.

Feature request shout out: Michelle @ HelloShift

Filter Reviews by Status

Easily sort reviews by status to see when reviews are pending, which reviews you need to respond to or to hunt down rejected reviews and get them verified.

Feature inspiration shout out: Elena @ Monscierge

Improved Template Formatting

If you have tried pasting text into the custom templates in the automated review manager previously you may have noticed that the formatting carries over and can lead to inconsistencies if you don't reformat the styles from within the review manager.  Now the templates feature will automatically strip out excess formatting to ensure consistency in your templates.

Feature request shout out: Marvin and Ari @ RoomPriceGenie

Send Test Campaigns

Preview your campaigns before you press send.

Export Reviews

Members can now request an export of review data for internal analysis to share with product, customer success and marketing teams right from the review manager. (Note: Only company admins can access this feature). You can also download a suppression list right from the review manager.

👏 Feature request inspiration shout out: Saahil @ Oaky

Copy/Paste Templates Library

We recently added a new templates library section to the help center that includes inspiration for copy/paste templates for your team to use and to add to the review manager to help you save time and increase conversion.  Be sure to check out our latest high converting templates for collecting reviews during COVID times.

New Membership portal

Check the benefits included with your current membership package and view available plans right from the vendor dashboard (learn more)

👏 Feature request inspiration shout out: Shelly @ Duetto

🚀 New Premium 3.0 Membership Packages

Over the last 12-months, lots has changed on HotelTechReport.  To name a few of these changes:

As our audience continues to grow (3x year-over-year!) and our offerings continue to evolve, we've received lots of requests from companies who participate in multiple HTR initiatives and campaigns throughout the year for custom all-inclusive packages to help plan/budget better for the year ahead (and benefit from additional bundled package discounts).

And that's why we're rolling out all new Premium Membership Packages that include: 💸 lead credit, 🏆 HotelTechAwards, 📝Sponsored content, 📣 Advertising, 🤑 members only discounts and more!

Premium 3.0 Membership Packages

  1. Basic: Start out free with basic profiles, pick and choose which initiatives you want to participate in ala carte.
  2. Silver: Unlock a suite of members only features, benefits & exclusive discounts to improve your reputation, boost your visibility and enable your sales teams.
  3. Gold (NEW)Supplement your membership with advertising and sponsored content to build your brand and boost your visibility and get more leads.
  4. Platinum(NEW): Partner with HTR as your outsourced content marketing and PR team to keep your brand top of mind for buyers year round.

New benefits added for existing 2.0 and new 3.0 members: 

If you are currently a Premium Member you are welcome to stay on your current membership for the duration of your membership period and will continue to receive your benefits at the time of signup (either with your 1.0 or 2.0 plan) as well as some new benefits.

New 3.0 only benefits (included only with 3.0 Membership Packages):

If you would like to gain all of the benefits of the new Membership Packages you are able to upgrade at the difference in price between your current plan and the new plan you would like to upgrade to.  Depending on your plan, new Membership Packages include: 

  1. 💸 Lead credit: Pro and plus plans include substantial lead credit to connect with in market buyers year round
  2. 👩🏼‍💻Guest posting: Post your thought leadership on HTR to build your brand as a thought leader.
  3.  📝 Sponsored articles: Get sponsored articles with pro and plus plans
  4. 📣 Advertising: Build your brand through strategic targeted advertising via the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web
  5. 🛒 Package discounts: New plus and pro membership plans include 30%-40% bundled discounts
  6. 🎁 Upfront payment bonus: HotelTechAwards, lead credit and review incentive cards included with 3.0 plans


  1. Why Premium?
  2. What are the changes and new benefits included with membership?
  3. Is there a change in pricing for Premium 3.0 membership packages?
  4. What options is HTR offering for COVID crisis relief?
  5. What do I have to do to take advantage of the renewal offer?
  6. How does HTR membership stack up to other marketing investments?
  7. If my company is on a Premium 2.0 plan currently, do I have to upgrade to a new 3.0 plan and is there any change in pricing?You are welcome to stay on your current 2.0 plan at the same pricing with your current benefits plus the new free benefits added to your membership at no additional charge (see above)
  8. What do I do if my company is a current Premium Member on a 2.0 plan and we want to upgrade to Premium 3.0 Membership Package to take advantage of the additional benefits? Please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report to request an upgrade link.
  9. What is the price change from 2.0 Membership to 3.0 Membership? This year we added tons of new features and benefits but pricing stayed the same with no increase.  The only change to pricing is that we no longer offer the 15% discount for upfront payment but instead offer an upfront payment incentive (includes HotelTechAwards entries, lead credit and review incentive cards) none of which were previously included and this incentive is actually worth more than the 15% discount.

COVID Aid: Membership Renewal Offer Extension + Bonus

If you're reading this it probably means that your annual Premium Membership is up for renewal shortly.  As a thank you to loyal members, we extend a renewal offer prior to your membership expiration.

Typically the renewal offer is activated if you renew your membership prior to your expiration date; however, during COVID we are offering 2 ways to help companies in need (valid through July 1, 2020): 

  1. Option #1: Get a 60-day extension on your renewal offer

    1. 🎁 Offer: Members up for renewal during COVID that want to renew but aren't financially able to during the crisis are eligible for a 60-day extension on the renewal offer.
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1
    3. Activation: To activate the extension, please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report prior to your membership expiration date and copy this message: "We would like to renew our HTR Premium Membership and take advantage of the renewal offer but would like to request a 60-day extension on our annual membership payment."
  2. Option #2: Double the content credit

    1. 🎁 Offer: To show our appreciation to companies who are able to continue their membership during this difficult period, we will be offering 2x the standard content credit renewal bonus 
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1 who renew their membership prior to their membership expiration date
    3. Activation: Automatically applied to your account within 48-hours of your renewal upgrade submission

Deferred payment offer terms and conditions: 

    • ✔ Company must be an existing Premium Member for a minimum of 6-months 
    • ✔ Deferred payment is a only available to companies who intend to continue their membership at the end of the 60-day period
    • ✔ Company must agree to resume membership for at least one full period after the deferment period expires (at which point you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)
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