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What is the Review Recency variable?

Review recency is a variable in the HT Score (albiet a small one) to ensure that products have at least some recent reviews for buyers to get an accurate picture of the vendor's current product and service offering.

How do I make sure that I earn full points for review recency?

Make sure you have at least 10 reviews in the trailing 6-months. While its a low bar, it at least provides some current feedback for buyers doing their research, its also an easy goal for vendors (~1-2 reviews per month on average).

Why is Review Recency important?

85% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3-months are not relevant anymore and don’t consider these in their decision making.  Recency is an important signal of quality, relevancy and trust.

(SaaS) products evolve rapidly and many companies deploy code on a bi-weekly basis.  Therefore, a software product today may barely resemble the company's product from 6-months or a year ago and consequently, and this variable helps:

  1. Incentivize new/fresh content that increases relevancy and accuracy: Reviews are needed to paint an accurate picture of what it's like to work with a given company at the time when the prospect is considering said company so more recent reviews serves to paint a more real time and accurate picture. 
  2. Signal product adoption rate to buyers: Install base expansion (aka. growth/adoption) is an indicator of product-market fit, this allows fast growing companies to stand out more by signaling their growth via customer reviews helping indicate to buyers which companies are growing.  

How do I know if my company has enough recent reviews to maximize our HT Score?

If you see the alert below on your profiles, it means your product doesn't have 10 reviews in the last 6-months. To get rid of the alert, run an automated review campaign or send a few 1-click review requests.


Can past reviewers update their review to make it current?

Yes.  Hoteliers can simply write another review and it will update and replace their old review (see: How Hoteliers Can Update a Review) or Premium Members can leverage the 1-click Review Refresh feature in the Automated Review Manager to keep profile content fresh and relevant.

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