Review manager performance improvements

Today we rolled out several improvements to the review manager to make automated review gathering that much easier.

  • Performance improvements: The review manager is now blazing fast with no lag and can easily handle larger lists and campaigns for enterprise companies with thousands of clients with no lag thanks to virtual and infinite scrolling.
  • Slide out detail view: This is the same detail tab as always but you'll notice when you click on a client in the review manager, the detail tab slides out from the side of the page which was implemented to reduce lagginess and improve load times.
  • Auto-assignments: Save time assigning users manually with the new auto-assignment feature.  If a client isn't assigned to a member of your team, they will be automatically assigned to the team member who sends them a review request to easily filter your review manager for status updates and followup.
  • Campaign queue: The new campaign queue tab now allows you add specific groupings of clients to target with a review campaign to send more personalized and targeted campaigns.
  • Bulk Actions: Easily select multiple users at once using the checkboxes on each tile, move them to archived, add them to your campaign queue and more.
  • Template updates: More personal looking plain text templates now with customizable merge fields including customizing your review link.

Want to see the review manager in action? Watch tutorial