Removal of research phase leads

When we rolled out lead gen, there were 4 types of leads.  We have heard from clients that there is less of an appetite for top of the funnel research phase leads who download category level content and have therefore removed these leads from being available to vendors.  

Instead, we will be nurturing these leads through marketing automation to get them further down the funnel and convert them with higher intent as price quote, demo or quiz/matched leads with direct purchase intent.

This means that you may notice a decrease in lead volumes; however, all leads will now have placed a direct request (eg. price quote, demo, quiz recommendation connections or RFP).

Interested in research phase leads still?

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Type 1: Research phase leads

  • What is it? The hotelier is researching content in your sub-category on Hotel Tech Report and has explicitly stated that they are in the market within the next 12-months.
  • Stage of the purchase journey? Early, just beginning initial research.
  • Why are they valuable? The earlier you spot a potential lead the sooner you can work your way into their consideration set as they do their research.
  • Follow-up tips: DO NOT HARD SELL! These hoteliers are open to talking with vendors but have not explicitly asked to speak with you and depending on your brand awareness may not even be familiar with your brand.  Therefore it is important to frame your approach as being a trusted and knowledgeable advisor there to help them learn about the category and selling your product should come as a byproduct of them trusting you and wanting to learn more.  Check out the template at the bottom of this article for inspiration