New late response penalty for expired leads

When a new lead came in your team was notified and we asked that you please respond (either accept or decline) within 24-hours to ensure a positive experience for hoteliers requesting information.

If you didn't respond after 72-hours, we assumed that you were not interested in the lead and the lead's status was marked as 'expired'. At this point we reached out to the hotelier to offer additional assistance to help them find a better fit for their properties.

What's changing?

  • After 72-hours if you don't accept/decline the introduction to the hotelier lead, we still reach out to the lead to offer assistance and help them find a better fit for their properties; however, instead of being marked as 'expired' the lead will remain in your 'New'/inbox with the label 'Late response penalty'
  • You will now be able to accept 'expired' leads, however (1) there will be a $15 late response penalty applied to the lead price and (2) you will be disqualified from the lead refund guarantee for this lead since we cannot guarantee that they are still interested in connecting with you

How can I avoid the late response penalty on leads?

To avoid the late response penalty, please accept or decline all leads within 72-hours to protect your reputation and ensure a positive experience for hoteliers.