Lead gen 2.0 product updates

We just rolled out the new and improved Leads (HTR's new performance marketing offering) which is a culmination of taking feedback from early beta vendors to make the experience more seamless and easy for vendors to connect with high quality buyers interested in your solutions.

Over the past 6-weeks since the launch of the lead gen beta on HTR, we've gathered tons of invaluable feedback from all of our  participating early beta vendors so thank you so much to everyone that shared feedback (especially the critical feedback...that's the good stuff!).

We take your feedback very seriously and try to incorporate it as often as we can and that's exactly what we did with Lead Beta 2.0 so we hope you enjoy.

If you have any thoughts, questions, concerns or cool stories--we'd love to hear from you!

What's new with Leads 2.0?

  • Update #1: Bye bye lead chat, hello lead cards...
  • Update #2: Lead Matches
  • Update #3: Reduced notification emails
  • Update #4: Additional placements and visibility for top rated vendors
  • Update #5: One click invites for your sales team
  • Update #6: Lead Beta 2.0 pricing

Update #1: Bye bye lead chat, hello lead cards...

Now when you purchase leads their info is available immediately so you can followup off platform via email, your crm or any way you'd like so there is no need to communicate with leads through the vendor dashboard.  
Improvements inspired by:Travelclick, HelloShift, Mews and Whistle (thanks guys!)

Update #2: Lead matches

In the Lead Beta 1.0, you could previously only receive leads from hoteliers who inquired specifically about your product.  Now if you are a strong match for a hoteliers based on reviews in the platform for their property type (eg. boutique, resort, etc) and region (eg. North America, Europe, etc) matches will show up in your dashboard for you to connect with (Tip: make sure to get reviews from customers in your target geographies and hotel types!Learn more)

If you're highly rated and one of the top matches for a buyer interested in your category, you'll get notified when you have new matches so you can connect with interested in market buyers.  (Note: All matches have explicitly stated they are in the market for your specific category of software in the next 12-months).


Update #3: Reduced notification emails

Some vendors requested to limit the amount of notifications sent so we added batch notifications so you shouldn't receive more than a maximum of 1 per hour even if you get multiple leads or inquiries.

Update #4: Additional placements and visibility for top rated vendors  to increase exposure

Now top rated vendors receive additional placement in the lead request flow to increase exposure and lead volumes.  


Update #5: 1-click invites for your sales teams

Several vendors requested an easier way to loop in multiple members of their sales teams to make it easier for teams across various territories to decide on and accept their own leads.  Now you can easily invite relevant members of your sales team to check out leads right from the new lead cards.​