💌 Introducing matched leads

In the Lead Beta 1.0, you could previously only receive leads from hoteliers who were guided to your product through the site and placed a direct inquiry (eg. price quote request, demo, reference, etc).

Now if you are a strong match for a hotelier based on reviews in the platform for their property type (eg. boutique, resort, etc) and region (eg. North America, Europe, etc) matches will show up in your dashboard for you to connect with (Tip: make sure to get reviews from customers in your target geographies and hotel types! Learn more).

If you're highly rated and one of the top matches for a buyer based on their characteristics and they are interested in your category, you'll get a notification email as new matches come in.  

Since matched leads have asked to be connected with top rated vendors based on their criteria but haven't stated that they want to connect with your company specifically--this is a great opportunity to reach buyers that otherwise didn't even have your company/product on their radar but you should also make sure to factor this into the way your team follows up with matched leads.

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