COVID Aid: Membership Renewal Offer Extension + Bonus

If you're reading this it probably means that your annual Premium Membership is up for renewal shortly.  As a thank you to loyal members, we extend a renewal offer prior to your membership expiration.

Typically the renewal offer is activated if you renew your membership prior to your expiration date; however, during COVID we are offering 2 ways to help companies in need (valid through July 1, 2020): 

  1. Option #1: Get a 60-day extension on your renewal offer

    1. 🎁 Offer: Members up for renewal during COVID that want to renew but aren't financially able to during the crisis are eligible for a 60-day extension on the renewal offer.
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1
    3. Activation: To activate the extension, please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report prior to your membership expiration date and copy this message: "We would like to renew our HTR Premium Membership and take advantage of the renewal offer but would like to request a 60-day extension on our annual membership payment."
  2. Option #2: Double the content credit

    1. 🎁 Offer: To show our appreciation to companies who are able to continue their membership during this difficult period, we will be offering 2x the standard content credit renewal bonus 
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1 who renew their membership prior to their membership expiration date
    3. Activation: Automatically applied to your account within 48-hours of your renewal upgrade submission

Deferred payment offer terms and conditions: 

    • ✔ Company must be an existing Premium Member for a minimum of 6-months 
    • ✔ Deferred payment is a only available to companies who intend to continue their membership at the end of the 60-day period
    • ✔ Company must agree to resume membership for at least one full period after the deferment period expires (at which point you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)