Community Guidelines Infraction Penalties

As stated in Hotel Tech Report’s Community Guidelines, any vendor found to be manipulating user reviews in any way will be subject to penalty on the platform. 

Below is a table outlining such penalties based on the level of infraction.  Hotel Tech Report values integrity and fairness above all else - violations penalties are non-negotiable.

Report a potential violation

Violation Severity and Penalties: 

Level 1 Infraction Scenarios (Moderate)

HTR's policy for 1st time Level 1 infractions where the offender claims it was an accidental violation or misunderstanding is to give the offender in question the benefit of the doubt for a first time offense.  Additional Level 1 violations after the first however will immediately escalate to level 2 infractions and incur penalties.

  • Scenario 1a: If vendor is found to harass a reviewer about honest feedback left on the platform
  • Scenario 1b: Vendor is found to be pressuring reviewers on the spot to write reviews and watching over their shoulders
  • Scenario 1c: Vendor is found to be offering pay-per-review (vs randomized giveaway)

Level II Infractions Scenarios (Strong)

  • Scenario 2a: Vendor is found to be compensating users for ONLY positive or five star reviews
  • Scenario 2b: Any Level 1 violation that is a 2nd offense will immediately be escalated to a Level 2 infraction
  • Scenario 2c: Vendor is found to be influencing user reviews by writing reviews for users and sending them the content to submit

Level III Infractions Scenarios (Severe)

  • Scenario 3a: Vendor is found to be committing fraud 
  • Scenario 3b: Vendor is found to be submitting reviews on behalf of users