Partial Reviews Displaying in Review Manager

As a way to monitor review form conversion and make sure we capture as much content as possible in the event of a reviewer having an issue with the review form we capture partial review content.

This is solely for internal monitoring purposes as these reviews cannot be published since they are (a) incomplete and (b) lack verification and approval from the user (since they did not finish the form and submit their review).

Last week when we rolled out a performance improvement to the automated review manager some partial reviews appeared as 'pending' reviews.

This issue should now be resolved but please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are still seeing a partial review in your vendor dashboard.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Review Form Final Step Error (RESOLVED)

Last night several users reported that the final submission step on the review form was returning an error for some users.

We have investigated the issue and found the cause which was recent performance improvements that were rolled out to the review manager which introduced the issue for organic reviews.

  • 🚩  Issue reported: October 6, 2020 @ 2am PST
  • ✅  Issue resolved: October 6, 2020 @ 9am PST


Any users that left reviews would have already completed their review (since it was only on step 3, the final submission step) and therefore their review will be published and won't be impacted.

Some Awards Participants Missing Review Manager Access (RESOLVED)

Any non-members registered in the 2021 HotelTechAwards will have 30-days of unlimited access to run unlimited campaigns (to unlimited users).

This is a new benefit for 2021 HotelTechAwards participants and gets automatically unlocked based on registration.  

  • 🐞BUG: It has been brought to our attention that the review manager tab is unlocked, but the clients tab (where you upload users) and the templates tab (where you customize your templates) are not unlocked for awards participants
  • 🚨STATUS: Our team is working on a fix for this bug (Expected/target resolution: Wednesday September 9 @ 11am PST)

HELP FOR COMPANIES IMPACTED: All non-members will get an additional week added to their 30-days access extending their access from September 30th to October 7th)

Average Satisfaction Rating Coaching Tip Not Calculating Properly (RESOLVED)

Thanks to Marvin @ RoomPriceGenie for catching a bug with the calculation for the average satisfaction rating checklist item in the new coaching tips checklist that we rolled out two days ago.  

Please note this does not impact scoring on the site or your rankings, it only impacts the average satisfaction checklist tip in the dashboard that is only vendor facing.

Reported: September 2, 2020 / Resolved: September 2, 2020 

Unable to Accept New Leads (RESOLVED)

Some clients recently reported running into issues when trying to accept new leads.  This issue was reported this morning and has now been resolved but if you run into any issues please reach out via the live chat.

Thanks to our bug hunter of the morning, Andre @ Hotelchamp for catching this pest 🐛 and for the awesome Drift video to make it super easy to see what's going on 🙌

🐞 Duplicate notification emails (RESOLVED)

Some users may have received duplicate notification emails between ~7pm PST on May 20,2020 and 5pm PST on May 21, 2020.

This issue has been resolved and our apologies for any inconvenience or frustration caused here 🙏

Thanks to our #1 🐞bug hunter Ben @ Volo for helping us catch this pest!

🐞 Incorrect minimum review threshold in vendor dashboard after the recent update (RESOLVED)

With the rollout from the latest HT Score update from April New Quality Signal Variables Update we noticed that the counter for minimum review threshold in the dashboard wasn't showing the correct number (see below).  

Thanks to our bug hunters of the day--Marvin and Ari @ RoomPriceGenie for spotting this pest so we could squash him like the bug that he is.

Status: This issue has been resolved and the dashboard now shows the correct variance from the minimum review threshold per the April HT Score update.

Want to check the category average to double check?

Head to your category, click the compare button on the upper right of any product tile and take the average # of reviews for products in your category with at least 30 reviews. 

Like many of you, we've taken the current crisis as an opportunity to refactor some of our code base and inevitably, a few pesky 1 🐞s will slip through the cracks and this is one of those bugs so appreciate your patience and you bringing anything you find to our attention so we can fix it asap 🙏

Issue accepting leads (RESOLVED)

Status update: RESOLVED

Yesterday we rolled out some performance improvements to the lead inbox so that companies with hundreds of leads whose dashboards previously took up to 15 seconds to load (so sorry!) they will now load instantly.

The good news...we deployed the code refactoring update last night (May 7th) and your dashboard will now load all leads instantaneously without any load time (woot!).

The bad news...users have pointed out 3 little bugs that we're working on fixing:

  1. 🐞Bug #1: After you purchase a lead, the details don't appear (RESOLVED)
  2. 🐞Bug #2: Lead pricing doesn't show in the accept modal (RESOLVED)
  3. 🐞Bug #3: The forward to CRM feature is passing through 'matched' as the source for RFP leads even though the source should be RFP. (RESOLVED)

Thanks to our bug hunters of the day Chris @ Protel, Gustav @ ASSA ABLOY, Nancy @ Pegasus and Valyn @ Nor1 for hunting down these pests.

🐞 Bug #1: After you purchase a lead, the details don't appear (RESOLVED)

Temporary fix, just make sure to reload your page after you purchase a lead and the details will appear correctly.

🐞 Bug #2: Lead pricing doesn't show in the accept modal (RESOLVED)

When accepting leads, price was missing in the modal after pressing the 'accept' button.  

🐞 Bug #3: CRM forwarding showing incorrect source for RFP leads (PENDING)

RFP leads currently are sending the source as 'matched' in the CRM forwarding feature of the lead inbox when in fact the source is RFP and they are direct leads.

(we are working on a fix for this)

Phantom lead notifications (RESOLVED)

Since the library/framework updates we've had a handful of vendors report 'phantom' notifications where if they have already accepted/declined a lead, they still get the checkin/reminder notification about viewing the lead before it expires (shown below).

Shout out and special thanks to our bug hunters of the day, Ben @ Volo and Nora @ OTA Insight.

  • Fix in progress: Reminder notification will de-activated once company has accepted/declined a lead
  • Reported: January 22, 2020
  • Resolution status: In progress

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