🚀 New Customizable Widgets Library

Looking for more ways to leverage your Hotel Tech Report reviews throughout your sales and marketing to build trust with prospects? 

Well today's you're lucky day...introducing the new customizable HTR widgets library!



  • Create Custom Widgets in Seconds. Create customizable widgets to showcase your HTR reviews on your website in seconds
  • Tailor to Your Use Case. Create widgets for your overall company (all products) or specific products to add to specific product related landing pages
  • Build Trust with Prospects.  Leverage your reviews to build trust with prospects on your website, landing pages and book a demo pages
  • No Code Editing. Paste your widget once and edit them anytime right from the dashboard with no coding or developers needed
  • Boost Your Landing Page SEO & Click Throughs.  Improve your landing page SEO and Google page click throughs by adding any of HTR's review widgets which contain Google product review markup (show review count and average rating in search results)
  • Ultra Lightweight.  Widgets are designed to be ultra-lightweight and fast loading

New Ledger & Credit System for Members

With the rollout of Premium 3.0 came lots of new benefits included with membership packages ranging from guest posting to review incentive cards, sponsored articles, advertising, lead credit and more.  

One of the requests that we've received from lots of members since is the ability to have a more streamlined and centralized place to track and use their various benefits so today we're excited to rollout the all new ledger and credit system 🧮 🚀

  • WHAT: New dashboard home, credits system, ledger and self service guest posting
  • WHY: Make it easier for members to track, manage and use their benefits

New Dashboard Home

Along with the new ledger and credits system comes a newly redesigned dashboard home page that brings a simplified view to the ways you can leverage HTR to educate buyers, build your brand and grow your install base.

New Credits System

In order to simplify benefit tracking, benefits can now be tracked according to the type of item that they are (eg. advertising credit, content credit, posting credit, lead credit).  Credits of each type can be used interchangeably for items that require the same credit type (eg. if you purchase 30 ad credits to run a sponsored retargeting campaign, you can instead decide to use those same ad credits for a different advertising product like an eblast).  

Credits will automatically accrue with your membership and be valid for use throughout the duration of your membership the same as they have been.

New Ledger System

If you are currently a member or have purchased ala cart credits off platform before you know how much of a pain this was.  Now, you can view your credit balances for each type of credit (eg. Advertising credit, Content Credit, Lead Credit) etc right from the settings tab of your vendor dashboard.  The new ledger system is also integrated into Membership Plans so when your plan renews, transactions are automatically created logging the benefits that you received with your membership plan and you will see your credit accounts increase respectively in real time.

Self Service Guest Posting

If your company has post credits available on your account you can use them to post guest posts to build your brand as a thought leader and boost the visibility of your content to reach HTR's audience of 100k+ hoteliers each month by submitting guest posts right through the vendor dashboard.


How did my company get starting balances?

If your company has starting balances it means that either a) you have purchased items in the past that have been converted 1-to-1 into the new credits system to simplify tracking and usage or (b) you have an active membership plan that is accruing credits automatically according to your plan benefits.

Can I see my company's history retroactively?

Unfortunately no.  The ledger system is setup to track all transactions (credit purchases and usages) on a go forward basis so any past purchases will not be viewable in the ledger.  That said, you will have a starting balance transaction that will include your company's current credit balances as of the launch date of the new ledger system.  If you have questions about your starting balances or past transactions please feel free to reach out via the on-site live chat and a member of the team will be happy to assist.

Has pricing changed with the new credits system?

No, prices haven't changed.  All prices are the same as they were previously, the only difference is that now you will add credits to your account that can be used interchangeably towards various items instead of having to buy a specific item giving you more flexibility.

Have my membership benefits changed?

No, your membership plan is exactly the same and includes the same benefits as always.  The only difference is that you can now use use credits accrued from your benefits on other items as well.  For example, let's say your plan includes 10 press releases/year which is equal to 10 post credits.  If you want, you could now instead choose to use those 10 post credits towards another type of posting like Guest Posting instead.

🔌 The New Integrations Experience

Have you run into any of these issues when listing your integrations on Hotel Tech Report before?

  1. "We have a lot of integrations but listing lots of integrations at once takes forever"
  2. "I want to list all of our integrations to get them verified but some of our partners aren't listed on HTR"
  3. "How can I tell how many verified integrations I have and how many I need to meet the category average or most integrated in the category for the HotelTechAwards?"

Well, thanks to Laura @ protel and Thomas @ Revinate--you can sleep easy tonight with the all new redesigned integrations experience 🙌

Now you can...

  • Add dozens of integrations in seconds without leaving the search bar...
  • Easily add integrations even if the partner isn't listed with the new fast add flow...
  • Check your relative integrations counts within your category for the HotelTechAwards
  • Sort by integration status to quickly find unverified integrations and get them verified to get get verified credit
  • (BONUS) 🎸 Watch Jimmy Melt Faces @ Woodstock

I. Add dozens of integrations in seconds without leaving the search bar...

II. Easily add integrations even if the partner isn't listed with the new fast add flow...

III. Check your relative integrations counts within your category for the HotelTechAwards

IV. Sort by integration status to quickly find unverified integrations and get them verified

V. (BONUS) 🎸 Watch Jimmy Melt Faces @ Woodstock

GCSC Renewals During COVID

Due to the unprecedented times, GCSC Annual Renewals will be automatically renewed during COVID and annual verifications will resume in July 2021 for all certified companies.  

If your company has invested in implementing new tools, processes and support/success infrastructure during COVID to support clients and you would like to update your certification to gain recognition and level up, you may do so by scheduling a verification call.

Review Form Grader

Collect richer feedback and reviews from customers with the new built in review grader to nudge customers along to sharing more of their expertise, insight and feedback.

New Vendor Toolbar

See when you have new leads without going to your vendor dashboard, check your membership status and access the HotelTechAwards live leaderboard without having to leave the main site and go to your vendor dashboard. 

👏 Feature request inspiration shout out: Flora @ GuestJoy

Free trial limitations

Please note that if you activate the free trial of the automated review manager, you will only have access to this feature but none of the other members only features, benefits and exclusive discounts.

You may notice that premium profile fields currently get unlocked during your free trial of the automated review manager; however, you will still have basic profiles (not premium profiles) so while you can add content to these fields these are premium fields that are only displayed on premium profiles.

Thanks to our 🐞 bug hunter of the day Asaf @ EasyWay 🙏

Coronavirus update

This promotional opportunity submission deadline has passed View article


We've been doing our best not to send any Coronavirus related emails to spare everybody's overloaded inboxes, but wanted to reach out with 3-quick updates and ways we are supporting our tech partners through this unprecedented crisis: 

3-Ways We're Here to Help:

  1. 🆘 Have you suspended billing for your hotel clients? Hotel Tech Report will match your gesture for any premium members who have suspended billing with their hotel clients to help out during this difficult time
  2. 📣 Have a product that can help during the crisis? If your company offers any free products/services that can be helpful to hotels during this time, we want to help you get the word out so let us know
  3. 💡How else can we help? We're looking to crowd source ideas of how we can help our community of vendors and hoteliers during this difficult time

Click here to request aid or promotion or submit an idea

We hope you, your team and your family are staying safe during these crazy times.

Adam and Jordan
Hotel Tech Report

P.S. We almost forgot #4...🐶We saved a life! Meet Zeus, HTR's new mascot! 

Due to the COVID crisis, animal rescues have a shortage of volunteers which means tons of animals are being put to sleep. We decided to foster this little guy during the crisis to get him out of the kill shelter.  If you'd like to foster or adopt a pet to keep you company in quarantine let us know and we'll share some tips/helpful resources.

Financial aid for quarterly members

Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, HotelTechReport has several offers available to help new clients and annual members looking to renew their membership (view COVID renewal offer).

HotelTechReport is also offering temporary financial aid and additional assistance for companies on quarterly membership plans who would like to continue their membership but aren't able to due to the crisis.

Please reach out via the live chat to share your situation and we will be more than happy to work with you to create a plan to help you continue working with HTR through these difficult times.

Financial aid terms and conditions: 

  • ✔ Company must be a Premium Member for at least the last 6-months 
  • ✔ Only available to companies who intend to continue their membership at the end of the payment holiday (minimum 1x period term required) 
  • ✔ Company must agree to resume membership for at least one period after financial aid plan expires (at which point you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)
  • ✔ Company must reach out to HTR via live chat prior to June 1st

(UPDATE July 1, 2020): Companies may break the 2nd term of aid with no penalty

We hope that members in need appreciate the financial aid packages provided and that it was helpful for your company.  While we hope that recipients are able to honor the terms of HTR's financial aid offer extended (#2 above); if for any reason your company is not able to continue your membership please note that there will not be any penalties for breaking the terms of the offer.  That said, please note that unfortunately HTR will not be able to extend further financial aid and free services.  If you would like to break the terms of the agreement, please notify HTR via the live chat on site and request for your company's account be downgraded from premium to basic before the end of your financial aid package.

Profile alerts and how to get them removed

There are two alerts that will appear on profiles to let buyers know if the profile is missing recent reviews and

1. Declining share of voice alert

  • When does it appear: Appears if your profile doesn't have at least 10 reviews in the trailing 180-days (6-months)
  • Why does it appear: As addressed in the review recency update, SaaS changes week to week so having fresh review content helps buyers get a more accurate and current perspective on the current real time product and customer sentiment. It alerts users if a profile does not have recent relevant content so they know that things may have changed since the last reviews.
  • How you can get it removed: Make sure you're company has at least 10 reviews in the last 6-months (aka. on average all you need ~1-2 reviews/mo to make sure you have some fresh content)

2. Declining user satisfaction alert

  • When does it appear: Appears if a product's average likelihood to recommend rating from reviews in the trailing 18-months are less than 7/10
  • What does it tell users: Helps users identify if recent customer sentiment is slipping for clients of the vendor
  • How you can get it removed: Make sure your reviews in the last 18-months have an average of 7/10 likelihood to recommend rating by monitoring your customer sentiment with a customer surveying or NPS tool and by running regular review campaigns to loyal and happy customers.

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