Duplicate notifications (RESOLVED)

A handful of vendor users have reported duplicative notifications. We have been investigating the issue and found that in some cases vendors who had either (a) created an account with email and another with Linkedin or (b) vendors who had an account but then also were sent an invitation to the vendor dashboard had multiple connections to their company and were therefore being sent multiple connections.

This issue is in the process of being resolved. Duplicate account connections will be de-duped and we are also adding a final check for notifications that ensures that notifications are only sent to unique emails as an extra precaution/safeguard.

Unable to accept new leads (RESOLVED)

  • THE BUG: A handful of companies are experiencing a bug where they are blocked by an overlay when trying to accept new leads.
  • REPORTED: Shout out to our bug hunters of the day Ben @ Volo and Amy @ GuestRevu for finding this critter (1/15/20 @ 10:05am)
  • RESOLUTION STATUS: The bug has been escalated and our dev team is looking into the issue. We'll post an update let you know as soon as its been resolved. Appreciate your patience in the meantime! (1/15/20 @ 9:20pm)
  • THE CAUSE: We are currently working through some code refactoring and unfortunately the side effect is weird random bugs like this popping up on occasion so we apologize to any companies that have been inconvenienced by it.

Invoices showing incorrect dates in dashboard (Resolved)

Over the holidays HTR updated several libraries and frameworks which has the one of which was Stripe.

One of the bugs that popped up was that dates were being sent incorrectly to the HTR app and invoices in the vendor dashboard were all showing from 1970 (cue the Back to the Future theme song...).

Reported: January 4, 2020 | Status: Resolved January 7, 2020

Thanks to Romain @ Mews for catching this nasty little pest 🐛 .

Issue with partner recommendations (RESOLVED)

What was it? There was an issue with partner recommendations where some users weren't able to complete their recommendations.

Who found it? Shout out to our bug hunter of the day Marius @ hotelkit and Krasimir @ Clock for pointing this out 🙌

  • The Bug: Some users skipped the question about which products they wanted to recommend
  • The Fix: The first question is now a required field with validation to prevent this issue from happening.

(RESOLVED) Manual verification emails not sending

  • Bug: Additional reviewer verification via the Review Manager wasn't sending the verification email between December 2, 2019-December 12, 2019
  • Issue: The verification emails were queued to be sent in the email server but were never sent
  • Resolution: Queued verification emails have been triggered manually and have now been sent. Users impacted should be cc'd and have received these emails today (Thursday 12/12) and the issue has been resolved for future use of the feature.

👏 Thank you to Claire @ Bookassist for catching this 🐛

Hoteliers reporting verification link broken (RESOLVED)

Have you had clients report that the verification link they received after leaving their review is broken?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

  • The bad news: We've had several reports of companies saying their customers are getting an error page when they click the verification link.
  • The good news: Don't worry, the links are working properly and these users' reviews have been verified. It just means they likely clicked the link more than once and these are single use links.
  • The problem: Once the single use verification link has been clicked once, the review is verified and the link dies. If the user tries to click it again, unfortunately it will lead to an error page if clicked after it has been used already which is what has been confusing some hoteliers.
  • 🛠The solution: We will be updating the UX of this to make it clearer that the verification works even if the user clicks it multiple times by making sure even after links are used and they die, they will now lead to a non-404 page regardless so it doesn't seem like an error to users who, for whatever reason, click the verification link multiple times.

(RESOLVED) Review count inconsistency

Some vendors have pointed out that their review count is different in different places and this is in fact true. The reason for this is that in some places review count shows the '# of hotelier reviews', where as in other places it shows '(a) # of hotelier reviews' + '(b) # of partner recommendations'.

All review count locations will be updated next week to only reflect '(a) # of hotelier reviews' to remove any confusion this has caused.

The following locations will be updated:

  1. Profile pages (shown here)
  2. Comparison pages (shown here)
  3. Blog articles (shown here)
  4. Category pages (shown here)

(RESOLVED) Hosted reports export to csv

Most users weren't impacted but in a handful of instances the export to csv feature for hosted reports was returning an error.

The reason for this was if a user writes in and asks to be unsubscribed/delete their data after downloading their content, they are deleted from HTR's systems. If your downloads tab had deleted users it led to an error in the csv export feature but this has now been resolved.

👏 Thanks to our bug hunter Phillip @ Suitepad for catching this pest!

Synced systems: No more notification emails to your LinkedIn email

One of the downsides to LinkedIn auth is that your LinkedIn email gets pulled in instead of your desired work email where you want to receive notifications.  While many of you have updated your notification email in the profile editor, this also created duplicate accounts in many cases meaning you continued getting emails to be both addresses--no more!

What to do:

  • login to Hotel Tech Report
  • You'll be prompted with a modal to confirm your preferred email address
  • Once you submit, you'll be sent a verification email to that address
  • Once you verify, all of your accounts will be synced and you will only receive notifications to your preferred email address

As any of you marketers know, data wrangling is quite the feat but that's all behind us now.  Thanks so much for your patience as we got this sorted out! 


Step 1: Sign into Hotel Tech Report and you will be prompted with a modal to enter your preferred email address


Step 2: Click the 'verify email' button and you're all done!