🚀 New Premium 3.0 Membership Packages

Over the last 12-months, lots has changed on HotelTechReport.  To name a few of these changes:

As our audience continues to grow (3x year-over-year!) and our offerings continue to evolve, we've received lots of requests from companies who participate in multiple HTR initiatives and campaigns throughout the year for custom all-inclusive packages to help plan/budget better for the year ahead (and benefit from additional bundled package discounts).

And that's why we're rolling out all new Premium Membership Packages that include: 💸 lead credit, 🏆 HotelTechAwards, 📝Sponsored content, 📣 Advertising, 🤑 members only discounts and more!

Premium 3.0 Membership Packages

  1. Basic: Start out free with basic profiles, pick and choose which initiatives you want to participate in ala carte.
  2. Silver: Unlock a suite of members only features, benefits & exclusive discounts to improve your reputation, boost your visibility and enable your sales teams.
  3. Gold (NEW)Supplement your membership with advertising and sponsored content to build your brand and boost your visibility and get more leads.
  4. Platinum(NEW): Partner with HTR as your outsourced content marketing and PR team to keep your brand top of mind for buyers year round.

New benefits added for existing 2.0 and new 3.0 members: 

If you are currently a Premium Member you are welcome to stay on your current membership for the duration of your membership period and will continue to receive your benefits at the time of signup (either with your 1.0 or 2.0 plan) as well as some new benefits.

New 3.0 only benefits (included only with 3.0 Membership Packages):

If you would like to gain all of the benefits of the new Membership Packages you are able to upgrade at the difference in price between your current plan and the new plan you would like to upgrade to.  Depending on your plan, new Membership Packages include: 

  1. 💸 Lead credit: Pro and plus plans include substantial lead credit to connect with in market buyers year round
  2. 👩🏼‍💻Guest posting: Post your thought leadership on HTR to build your brand as a thought leader.
  3.  📝 Sponsored articles: Get sponsored articles with pro and plus plans
  4. 📣 Advertising: Build your brand through strategic targeted advertising via the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web
  5. 🛒 Package discounts: New plus and pro membership plans include 30%-40% bundled discounts
  6. 🎁 Upfront payment bonus: HotelTechAwards, lead credit and review incentive cards included with 3.0 plans


  1. Why Premium?
  2. What are the changes and new benefits included with membership?
  3. Is there a change in pricing for Premium 3.0 membership packages?
  4. What options is HTR offering for COVID crisis relief?
  5. What do I have to do to take advantage of the renewal offer?
  6. How does HTR membership stack up to other marketing investments?
  7. If my company is on a Premium 2.0 plan currently, do I have to upgrade to a new 3.0 plan and is there any change in pricing?You are welcome to stay on your current 2.0 plan at the same pricing with your current benefits plus the new free benefits added to your membership at no additional charge (see above)
  8. What do I do if my company is a current Premium Member on a 2.0 plan and we want to upgrade to Premium 3.0 Membership Package to take advantage of the additional benefits? Please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report to request an upgrade link.
  9. What is the price change from 2.0 Membership to 3.0 Membership? This year we added tons of new features and benefits but pricing stayed the same with no increase.  The only change to pricing is that we no longer offer the 15% discount for upfront payment but instead offer an upfront payment incentive (includes HotelTechAwards entries, lead credit and review incentive cards) none of which were previously included and this incentive is actually worth more than the 15% discount.

COVID Aid: Membership Renewal Offer Extension + Bonus

If you're reading this it probably means that your annual Premium Membership is up for renewal shortly.  As a thank you to loyal members, we extend a renewal offer prior to your membership expiration.

Typically the renewal offer is activated if you renew your membership prior to your expiration date; however, during COVID we are offering 2 ways to help companies in need (valid through July 1, 2020): 

  1. Option #1: Get a 60-day extension on your renewal offer

    1. 🎁 Offer: Members up for renewal during COVID that want to renew but aren't financially able to during the crisis are eligible for a 60-day extension on the renewal offer.
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1
    3. Activation: To activate the extension, please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report prior to your membership expiration date and copy this message: "We would like to renew our HTR Premium Membership and take advantage of the renewal offer but would like to request a 60-day extension on our annual membership payment."
  2. Option #2: Double the content credit

    1. 🎁 Offer: To show our appreciation to companies who are able to continue their membership during this difficult period, we will be offering 2x the standard content credit renewal bonus 
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1 who renew their membership prior to their membership expiration date
    3. Activation: Automatically applied to your account within 48-hours of your renewal upgrade submission

Deferred payment offer terms and conditions: 

    • ✔ Company must be an existing Premium Member for a minimum of 6-months 
    • ✔ Deferred payment is a only available to companies who intend to continue their membership at the end of the 60-day period
    • ✔ Company must agree to resume membership for at least one full period after the deferment period expires (at which point you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)

Premium Membership plans change log

HotelTechReport is constantly growing our audience and rolling out new features, benefits and exclusive discounts for Premium Members to constantly increase the value of membership for our members.

About once a year HTR repackages Premium membership plans which occasionally comes with a slight change in pricing to cover the new plan benefits.

For existing members, most new benefits are automatically grandfathered in at no additional charge for the duration of your membership; however, some new benefits do require you to update to the most current version of Premium to access them.

Below shows each version of Premium, any price changes and new benefits that were rolled out (as well as which are included for existing members and which require an upgrade to the current version of premium).

Current versionPremium 3.0

Premium Membership version overview

  • 🚀 Premium v1.0 Membership (Oct 2018): The first membership plan ever rolled out on HotelTechReport which included basic functionality like v1 premium profiles, v1 automated review manager and press release posting-- 📈HTR audience/traffic: 14,997 users
  • 🚀 Premium v2.0 Membership (June 2019): Updated membership plans with new benefits including hosted report+unlimited downloads, content credits, discounted sponsored content and advertising, new automation features for the automated review manager and more (Price change from previous year: + ~$1,200/year) -- 📈HTR audience/traffic: 20,284 users (⬆+35%)
  • 🚀 Premium v3.0 Membership (April 2020): This year we added thousands of dollars in new features, benefits and discounts for members (Price change from prior year: no price increase to help companies struggling during the COVID crisis) -- 📈HTR audience/traffic: 39,278 users (⬆+94%)

👉 Current Audience Stats (updated 11/1/20): 96k (⬆+146%) View audience stats in Media Kit

🚀 Premium 1.0 Membership (Oct 2018)

  • 🗓Member registration date: Upgraded between October 2018 - June 2019
  • 📈HTR audience/traffic: 14,997 users

Benefits included:

  1. Automated review manager (v1) to save time and generate reviews at scale to improve your rankings, reputation and visibility
  2. Upgraded premium profiles (v1) to transform your profiles into your best piece of sales collateral
  3. Respond to reviews to show prospects you're engaged and color any critiques
  4. Press release posting to save hundreds of dollars sharing your companies' latest news, announcements and updates

🚀 Premium 2.0 Membership (June 2019)

  • 🗓Member registration date: Upgraded between June 15, 2019 - April 1, 2020
  • 📈HTR audience/traffic: 20,284 users (⬆+35%)
  • 💸Price change: ~$100/mo (varies by plan)

Includes all benefits of 1.0 PLUS:

  1. Update #1: Hosted reports + unlimited downloads
  2. Update #2: Content Credits*
  3. Update #3: Automated Review Manager (v2)
  4. Update #4: Premium profile redesign (v2)
  5. Update #5: Exclusive Access & Discounts on Sponsored Content*

*1.0 members are required to upgrade to current version to access benefit, all other benefits are grandfathered in for the duration of your membership at no additional charge

🚀 Premium 3.0 Membership (latest version)

  • 🗓 Member registration date: Upgraded between April 1, 2020 - present
  • 📈 HTR audience/traffic: 39,278 users (⬆+94%) (April 2020)
  • 💸 Price change: No price change.  Upfront payment benefits (see #11 below) replaced previous 15% annual member discount from 1.0 and 2.0 plans

Update (June 2021): HTR audience update (as of June '21) = 140k monthly users up from 39k when Premium 3.0 Membership plans were rolled out. To help companies during COVID Premium 3.0 Membership pricing has not changed since the rollout of 3.0 back in April 2020).

Includes all benefits of 2.0 PLUS:

  1. ⚡️Improved lead visibilityAdded visibility to generate more leads via the Lead booster update
  2. 💌 Enhanced review collection: Enhanced functionality for manual verifications, review update requests, internal contests, simultaneous campaigns+campaign analytics
  3. ⚖️ Upgraded comparison pages: Feature Premium profile content in product comparison pages Learn more
  4. 🤑 More discounts: Advertising (Learn more), sponsored content, annual content packages (Learn more) and discounted leads (Learn more)
  5. 💸 Lead credit: Gold and Platinum plans include substantial lead credit to connect with in market buyers year round*
  6. 👩🏼‍💻Guest posting: Post your thought leadership on HTR to build your brand as a thought leader.
  7.  📝 Sponsored articles: Get sponsored articles with Gold and Platinum plans*
  8. 📣 Advertising: Build your brand through strategic targeted advertising via the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web*
  9. 🛒 Package discounts: New Gold and Platinum Membership plans that include advertising, sponsored content, buyers guides, lead credit and more plus 30%-40% bundled discounts
  10. 🎁 Annual Member Upfront payment bonus: HotelTechAwards, lead credit and review incentive cards included with 3.0 plans*

* Existing Premium 1.0 and 2.0 members are required to upgrade to the current version of Premium to access these benefits, all other benefits are grandfathered in for the duration of your membership at no additional charge140k

Coronavirus update

This promotional opportunity submission deadline has passed View article


We've been doing our best not to send any Coronavirus related emails to spare everybody's overloaded inboxes, but wanted to reach out with 3-quick updates and ways we are supporting our tech partners through this unprecedented crisis: 

3-Ways We're Here to Help:

  1. 🆘 Have you suspended billing for your hotel clients? Hotel Tech Report will match your gesture for any premium members who have suspended billing with their hotel clients to help out during this difficult time
  2. 📣 Have a product that can help during the crisis? If your company offers any free products/services that can be helpful to hotels during this time, we want to help you get the word out so let us know
  3. 💡How else can we help? We're looking to crowd source ideas of how we can help our community of vendors and hoteliers during this difficult time

Click here to request aid or promotion or submit an idea

We hope you, your team and your family are staying safe during these crazy times.

Adam and Jordan
Hotel Tech Report

P.S. We almost forgot #4...🐶We saved a life! Meet Zeus, HTR's new mascot! 

Due to the COVID crisis, animal rescues have a shortage of volunteers which means tons of animals are being put to sleep. We decided to foster this little guy during the crisis to get him out of the kill shelter.  If you'd like to foster or adopt a pet to keep you company in quarantine let us know and we'll share some tips/helpful resources.

New Benefit: Credit usage alternatives (2.0 plans)

Several members have requested to exchange content coverage for guest posting, lead credit or sponsored articles so as of this month if you are a member who has content coverage included with your plan you can opt to use your coverage for guest posting instead.

Premium 2.0 Members can now transfer content coverage credits into guest posting, sponsored articles or lead credit

As a Premium Member on any 2.0 membership plan, you may opt for your credits to be used towards leads or content (amount varies based on your plan).  Credits rollover and can be accumulated during the duration of your membership and only expire when your membership is downgraded.  All members must indicate their preference while their membership is active.

Transfer rates: Trade 1 coverage article for 1 guest post, trade 2 coverage articles for one sponsored article, trade 1 coverage article for $200 in lead credit (default selection)

Here's how to request your preferred benefit:

  1. Members will have 6-months (through 8/15/20) to select your benefit of lead credit, sponsored articles or guest post credits Click here to request your benefits
  2. If you do not select your benefit by the August 15, 2020 deadline, we will automatically apply lead credit to your account to ensure that you receive benefit from this change
  3. If you do not select your benefit and lead credit is applied to your account by default but you would like to reverse this, you can request a reversal at the above exchange rate (200-to-1 lead credit-to-guest posting) 
  4. Place a content request: sponsored article or guest post

** If you don't have enough credits to place an order, you may purchase additional credits in the content shop
** If you'd like a real time update on your content credits you can request an updated balance at any time via live chat on HTR


  • What if I don't select a benefit within the 6-month window? If you don't select a benefit within 6-months (by August 15th, 2020), we will automatically select lead credit as your benefit and the amount will be added to your account
  • Why is lead credit the default benefit that is selected? Lead credit is the default selection because it is the most requested benefit from members.  It  also has direct monetary value that can be stored on your account and used immediately and never expires
  • What if I want to use my content coverage credits towards guest posting instead? Reach out via the live chat to request your content coverage credits to be turned into guest post credits and our team will turn off your automatic content coverage and you will receive guest post credits instead that can be used anytime during your membership
  • What if we just received content coverage but want guest posting instead? If you received coverage in an article on HTR within the last 45-days that you would like to exchange for a guest post instead, please reach out via the live chat and we will remove your coverage placement and exchange it for a guest post

New Perk: Added visibility lead booster

(NEW) Update: Added Visibility for Premium Members (March 2022)

While all rankings on HTR are (and always will) be entirely based on customer reviews and the HT Score, there are additional placements throughout the site where premium members get enhanced brand placement and visibility through the lead booster perk.

Visibility and reputation are the key to generating more leads on Hotel Tech Report so making sure you are visible throughout the buying journey is critical which is why we're adding boosted visibility in select unbiased areas of the buyer journey.

Rankings within categories are (and always be) entirely based on customer reviews and the HT Score

But Premium Members can now benefit from thousands of additional (non-ranking based) placements throughout key areas of the buyer journey...enter...the 🚀 lead booster

I. Boosted Visibility in the RFP Workflow

Premium Members will now benefit from added visibility in HTR's RFP builder tool where hoteliers can select feature requirements, upload RFP documents and more to streamline their workflow and gather information faster in the research process to find the best fit for their hotels.

II. Boosted Visibility in Direct Request Modals

Hoteliers typically consider 2-3 options when narrowing down their consideration set during the research process so now Premium Members get priority placement and more chances to slide right into hoteliers' consideration set with boosted visibility in direct lead requests.

III. Boosted visibility in alternatives

HTR Premium for Early Stage

Every great innovation in history started with a young startup company.   The problem is that young companies are resource constrained and launching a product in the world of hotel tech is particularly challenging to compete with entrenched competitors who have much larger sales and marketing budgets.

That's why HTR offers Early Stage plans for eligible companies to help bring more innovation to the industry by enabling young companies to leverage the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web to educate buyers, build their brand and grow their install base 🚀

The purpose of Early Stage plans is to help startups maximize investments in R&D and make marketing more accessible to prove out their concepts so please make sure your company is eligible prior to applying.

The Early Stage Plan is automatically unlocked in the vendor dashboard for 1-year if your company meets any of the eligibility criteria below.  Companies can remain on  the Early Stage Plan for up to 2-years, but must apply after the first year to verify eligibility.

Eligible startups get access to most of HTR's Members only Premium features, benefits and exclusive discounts at 50% discounted pricing while you get your startup off the ground, gain traction and prove out your concept.

Learn more and apply

Added visibility for member news & announcements in ⏪theRewind

Now when Premium Members post a press release to share their latest company news and announcements they will also be featured in HTR's new monthly newsletter, theRewind,  with more than 4,000+ opt-in subscribers to boost their visibility and keep your brand top of mind with hoteliers.

Update: Feb '20 theRewind newsletter Stats (list size = 22k, open=28%, click = 11%)

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