2021 Budget Season Buyer's Guides Go on Sale June 15th

On June 15th, the 2021 budget season buyer's guides officially go on sale to all vendors in the HTR community with one spot per category to be the exclusive sponsor in your category for a full year on HotelTechReport.

While its certainly not a typical year for any of us we do think this is one of HTR's best value offerings with turnkey content production, year round exclusivity and targeted brand placement all bundled into one package (with optional performance and localization add-ons).

Budget season is still a few months away so now is the time to solidify brand visibility.  Standing out with a clear message to buyers this budget season is going to be absolutely critical in what is sure to be a noisy world of COVID recovery marketing.

Please keep in mind that since there is only one spot per year in each category, guides are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Key Dates & Deadlines

  • Feb 1-June 1: 2020 HotelTechAward winner early reservation period
  • June 1-June 15: Premium Member early reservation period
  • June 15-July 15: Regular reservation period
  • July 15-Aug 15: Production period
  • Aug 15-Sept 15: Guides go live as they finish production and being being promoted on HotelTech Report
  • Sept 15, 2020-Sept 15, 2021: 1-year buyers guide placement and promotion on HotelTechReport through 2022 budget season

What's new in 2021?

We've made some major enhancements to buyers guides to give sponsors even more visibility and value including:

  • 🎨 Enhanced branding to make sure your brand resonates and stays top of mind
  • 🙌  New front and center in-category native brand placement 
  • 🎁 Optional performance based add-ons
  • 🇸🇧 Localization & translation to leverage your guide in local marketing (optional add-on)
  • 💸 Performance to enlist HTR to run turnkey campaigns to your guide and generate downloads for you (optional add-on)

Buyers guide sponsor FAQs

  1. What does it mean to be a sponsor?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. What is the process once my company registers?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Is there a performance marketing model available?

🎁 Free offer: Improve your reputation and boost your inbound during COVID

Hotels are closed, your sales outreach is frozen and conferences are cancelled for the foreseeable future so inbound is the only way to keep your pipeline filled.  

The good news is that hoteliers are still looking for tech on Hotel Tech Report but if you want to maximize your visibility and capture more leads you need to make sure your reputation is strong.

During COVID hoteliers have more time on their hands to help out by leaving you a review but at the same time it can also be uncomfortable to reach out to them unless your messaging is sensitive.

Don't worry, we've got your back and its going to be copy/paste easy, here's how it works:

  • 🚀 Step 1: Activate the extended free trial of the automated review manager
  • ⚖️ Step 2: Decide which outreach strategy you want to use
  • 🎁  Step 3: Choose your giveaway reward/s & HTR will match you
  • 📝 Step 4: Use the templates below to launch your campaign

Check out the guide and download the free templates →

Offer valid from April 1st, 2020-July 1, 2020

2020 HotelTechAward winner perks update

Original Update: 2020 HotelTechAwards Perks Package

Round 1 of the 2020 winner perks went live February including: 📣 Promotion on the 2020 winner's landing page (+20,000+ hotelier e-blast), 🥇Winners badge added to your profile, 🎟 Tickets to the HotelTechAwards party in London.

...but there were still a few items still pending that are now live with full details below. 


Here's the quick update on each of your remaining perks (more detail on each below):

  • 📖 Lead gen look book: Its live and went out to 25k hoteliers this week.  Winners were also emailed a hard copy and 1-year content license
  • 🖼 Limited edition office print: Winners have been emailed their high res limited edition office (or home office...) print
  • 💸 15% back in free lead credit & 🎁 custom package requests: Winners have been sent an email with their spend amount to verify. Once you do the 15% back in free lead credit will be added to your account.  Also, for companies who requested custom packages, your package is available upon request.
  • 📖 Buyer's Guide exclusivity: The buyers guide exclusivity period has been extended through June 1

With everything going on in the world we've been trying to figure out the best way to close out the final HotelTechAwards initiatives and perks for winners and have been hoping things would clear up a bit but unfortunately it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.

Since this is our reality for the next several months, we have decided to close out and/or launch each of the remaining initiatives/perks for 2020 HotelTechAward winners.

I. 2020 Lead Gen Look Book

We've been hesitant to release and promote this too overtly during the crisis thinking too much promotion during a difficult time won't leave a great taste with hoteliers.

That said, since there isn't an end in the foreseeable future, we've decided to release the look book and promote it in a tactful way

What to know:

  • It's live. The 2020 HotelTechIndex Report (aka. look book) featuring 2020 winners is now live here
  • It's being promoted. The report is being promoted on HTR, to our email list of 25,000+ hoteliers and via social media (paid and organic)
  • Your copy is ready. 2020 winners have been emailed their hard copy with a 1-year license to leverage the report in your own marketing and demand generation (ie. use it as gated co-branded content to capture leads on your brand.com)

II. 2020 HotelTechAwards Limited Edition Office Print

We initially planned to bring these prints to ITB Berlin but after the conference was cancelled, we have decided to instead send high res digital copies of your limited edition office print.

On the plus side, now you can share it with each of your offices or all of your employees to put up in their new home offices (talk about an epic Zoom backdrop 😉).

  • Make your office look like a million bucks. The concept was to design a limited edition custom print inspired by a famous artist to create something physical that would be awesome to hang in your office that the whole team could enjoy and would commemorate your hard fought victory in the awards.  This year's limited edition print was inspired by Ed Ruscha, a famous California contemporary artist known for his iconic lettered prints one of which recently sold at auction for $30M!
  • Limited edition. There are only 25 prints in the series and each is customized to a winning company with your brand, logo, color scheme and edition number to fit your office vibe.
  • Ready for print.  Prints were designed high res ready for print up to 48" (Width) x 36" (Height).
  • Send us a pic. Send us a pic of your print framed and hung in your office common area or CEO's office to get $150 in free lead credit added to your account.

III. 15% Back in Lead Credit Perk + Custom Packages

  • 15% back in lead credit has been processed: One of the perks of winning was to receive 15% back in free lead credit on any new purchases made between 2/1/20-3/15/20 (up to $2,000/company).  We have calculated your spend and sent an email so just make sure to respond confirming the amount and we'll get your free lead credit added ASAP.
  • Custom package requests are ready: Companies who requested to take advantage of the perk by getting a custom annual package from Hotel Tech Report, your custom package is ready.   Given the current crisis, we have decided not to send these packages out to be sensitive to the fact that times have changed quite a bit since your request was placed.  If you would still like to receive your custom package offer: 
    • (a) Please let us know and we will be happy to send it along for your review
    • (b) We are offering an extension on the additional 15% back in lead credit perk on custom packages through December 31, 2020 for any companies who would still like to move forward with their package

IV. 2021 Buyer's Guides

We've extended the deadline for securing your category's annual buyers guide report from March 1st to June 1st before the guide will be opened up to other vendors in the community Reserve here (use access code '2021EARLYRES15BACK')

Coronavirus update

This promotional opportunity submission deadline has passed View article


We've been doing our best not to send any Coronavirus related emails to spare everybody's overloaded inboxes, but wanted to reach out with 3-quick updates and ways we are supporting our tech partners through this unprecedented crisis: 

3-Ways We're Here to Help:

  1. 🆘 Have you suspended billing for your hotel clients? Hotel Tech Report will match your gesture for any premium members who have suspended billing with their hotel clients to help out during this difficult time
  2. 📣 Have a product that can help during the crisis? If your company offers any free products/services that can be helpful to hotels during this time, we want to help you get the word out so let us know
  3. 💡How else can we help? We're looking to crowd source ideas of how we can help our community of vendors and hoteliers during this difficult time

Click here to request aid or promotion or submit an idea

We hope you, your team and your family are staying safe during these crazy times.

Adam and Jordan
Hotel Tech Report

P.S. We almost forgot #4...🐶We saved a life! Meet Zeus, HTR's new mascot! 

Due to the COVID crisis, animal rescues have a shortage of volunteers which means tons of animals are being put to sleep. We decided to foster this little guy during the crisis to get him out of the kill shelter.  If you'd like to foster or adopt a pet to keep you company in quarantine let us know and we'll share some tips/helpful resources.

Q2 Quarterly Innovation Report (Submission Deadline)

As you know, every year Hotel Tech Report attends ITB Berlin and distills trends and new innovations into a recap article (2019 Recap) that typically garner north of 3,000 views.

While we were saddened by ITB's cancellation since not only did we all lose a hefty chunk of our marketing budgets, but because its our favorite conference of the year.

That said, our job is to get the word out about your products and we are committed to doing that now more than ever to create interest and drive demand for your products during these next few months which will be especially difficult since many of you will scale back your outbound sales efforts due to the hardships hotels around the world are facing.

Your investments and innovations still deserve recognition and our audience of 49k+ hoteliers are still thirsty to discover great new products to help their hotels drive revenue and run more efficiently and for that reason, we are pivoting our ITB coverage submissions and articles this year to a quarterly innovation report that will be released at the end of the month.


Submission deadline is Friday March 20th, 2020


What if my company already applied for the ITB article?

Then you're all set to be featured so just kick back and relax and we'll let you know when the report goes live at the end of the month.

What if I didn't complete a submission for the ITB article?

If you haven't applied but would like to be featured, we are extending the submission deadline so please make sure to complete your application no later than next Friday March 20th

2020 Market Leaders Index Report Update

Each year the winners of the HotelTechAwards are featured in HTR's annual product look book and each winner receives both featured placement as well as a hard copy to leverage in your digital marketing and lead generation.

The 2020 Market Leaders Index Report draft is now ready for winners to review! 🎉

  • Launch date: Will be launching the look book on Monday March 23rd so please make sure to flip through to your featured placement and review the copy
  • Revisions: If you have any revisions, edits or changes please note that they must be submitted via the live chat on HTR or by replying to this email no later than 5pm PST next Wednesday March 18th
  • Your hard copy: Once the look book goes live, we will send along a hard copy with your 1-year content license to leverage the look book in your own digital marketing and lead gen campaign

If you have any questions feel free to reach out via the live chat on HTR

💸 Cyber Monday Offer: Get up to $4,000 in free leads!

Happy Cyber Monday Hotel Techies!

While we certainly don't condone overindulgent consumerism (okay...maybe just a little bit) we do love fun and creative deals for Cyber Monday and thought you might too!

Want to find new hotel clients? Like free leads? Well...you've come to the right place!


Basic B, No Mo! (Premium+Leads)

Been thinking about upgrading to Premium Membership to improve your reputation and boost your visibility? Get up to $750 in free lead credit when you upgrade from Basic to Premium Membership.

  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Who...Available to any current basic members who upgrade to any Premium annual membership
  • 💸What: Get up to $750 in free lead credit when you upgrade to Premium!
  • When: Available through Monday December 9th
  • How: Ask for promo code via the live chat on HTR to unlock your free lead credit
  • 🔎The Fine Print: Lead credit applied in full upfront with annual membership or at the beginning of each quarter with quarterly membership throughout subscription in four equal installments. Can't be applied with any additional discounts, promotions or package savings.


The Dynamic Duo (Content+Leads)

Premium Members interested in sponsored content on Hotel Tech Report to stay top of mind with our audience of 30k+ monthly buyers...this one's for you!

Purchase any content package between today (Cyber Monday) and December 9th get up to $4,000 in lead credit! 😲

  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Who: Available only for Premium Members
  • 💸What: Get up to $4,000 in free lead credit with purchase of a content package
  • When: Available through Monday December 9th
  • How: Ask for promo code via the live chat on HTR to unlock your free lead credit
  • 🔎The Fine Print: Lead credit applied in full upfront with purchase of any content package. Can't be applied with any additional discounts, promotions or package savings.

Have questions?

Want more info Premium Membership, content packages or lead credits? Check out HTR's 2020 Media Kit or hit us up via the live chat on www.hoteltechreport.com

Remaining sponsored content opportunities for 2019 category buyers guides

Once a year Hotel Tech Report partners with a top company in each category to collaborate on an annual budget season buyer's guide to help educate hoteliers and make it easier for them to pitch ownership on adopting solutions for their properties.

Since there is only 1 spot available per category and each category underwriter is promoted for a full year on Hotel Tech Report, there are only a few spots remaining in select categories.  


Below you can find a list of remaining opportunities by category.  Buyers guides are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and you may view live availability on the registration site at any time.

Helpful links:
Category buyer's guide FAQs
Buyers guide marketing and registration site with more info


2019 Buyers guide remaining availability by category


  • Concierge software- ALICE
  • Guest Feedback- Loopon
  • Housekeeping software- Quore
  • Property Management (PMS)- Cloudbeds
  • Spa software (AVAILABLE)*
  • Staff Task Management Platforms- HelloShift
  • All-in-1 HMS Software- RMS Hospitality
  • Restaurant POS (AVAILABLE)*
  • Restaurant Analytics (AVAILABLE)*


  • Booking Engines- Net Affinity
  • Digital Marketing Agencies- Screen Pilot
  • Direct Booking Tools- Triptease
  • Email Marketing & CRM- Navis
  • Influencer Marketing (AVAILABLE)*
  • Loyalty & Rewards (AVAILABLE)*
  • Merchandising & Upselling- Oaky
  • Reputation & Review Management- TrustYou
  • Social Media Management (AVAILABLE)*
  • Metasearch Management- Koddi
  • Web Builders & CMS (AVAILABLE)*
  • Content Marketing (AVAILABLE)*

Revenue Management 

  • Business intelligence software- HotelIQ
  • Central Reservations (CRS)- Travel Tripper
  • Channel Managers- SiteMinder
  • Rate Shoppers/Market Intelligence- Rainmaker
  • Revenue Management (RMS)- Duetto
  • Alternative Distribution Channels- Suiteness

Guest Facing

  • Guest Messaging- Whistle
  • Guest Room Automation- SmartConn Solutions
  • Guest Room Entertainment (AVAILABLE)*
  • Guest Room Tablets- Crave Interactive
  • Lobby Technology & Checkin Kiosks (AVAILABLE)*
  • Mobile Apps/Developers (AVAILABLE)*
  • Voice Activated Tech- Volara
  • Digital Art- WrappedLA

IT & Engineering

  • Keyless Entry- ASSA ABLOY
  • Facilities Management (AVAILABLE)*
  • Guest Room Phones (AVAILABLE)*
  • Property WI-FI (AVAILABLE)*
  • Energy Management (AVAILABLE)*
  • DaaS/Marketplaces- Protel I/O
  • Fraud Prevention (AVAILABLE)*

Sales, Meetings & Events

  • Event Management- Social Tables
  • Sales Software (AVAILABLE)*
  • Meetings & Events Intelligence- IDeaS (on reserve through Wednesday 10/24)


  • Accounting & Finance (AVAILABLE)*
  • Workforce Safety (AVAILABLE)*
  • HR & Staffing (AVAILABLE)*
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