Q1 '20 Lead Segmentation: Good news, hoteliers are still looking for tech!

Since the entire industry is undoubtedly struggling and there is constantly grim news left and right--we wanted to offer a glimmer of hope to members of the HTR community by sharing a few of our Q1 lead segmentation metrics during the crisis.

Hotels are closed, vendor sales outreach is frozen and conferences are cancelled for the foreseeable future but the good news is that hoteliers are still thinking about tech and buyers are still doing research.  Stay positive hotel techies! #hoteltechstrong

Q1 Lead Segmentation Summary

  • 💼 Top lead job title: Owners (45%)
  • 🛌 Top property size: Mid-sized up to 200 rooms (39.4%)
  • 🏨 Top segment: Boutiques (31%)
  • 📍Top region: Europe (37%)
  • 🏢 Top department: Operations (28%)
  • 🛒 Top category: Property Management Systems (16%)

By job title:

By property size:

By property type:

By region:

By category: 

New Perk: Added visibility lead booster

(NEW) Update: Added Visibility for Premium Members (March 2022)

While all rankings on HTR are (and always will) be entirely based on customer reviews and the HT Score, there are additional placements throughout the site where premium members get enhanced brand placement and visibility through the lead booster perk.

Visibility and reputation are the key to generating more leads on Hotel Tech Report so making sure you are visible throughout the buying journey is critical which is why we're adding boosted visibility in select unbiased areas of the buyer journey.

Rankings within categories are (and always be) entirely based on customer reviews and the HT Score

But Premium Members can now benefit from thousands of additional (non-ranking based) placements throughout key areas of the buyer journey...enter...the 🚀 lead booster

I. Boosted Visibility in the RFP Workflow

Premium Members will now benefit from added visibility in HTR's RFP builder tool where hoteliers can select feature requirements, upload RFP documents and more to streamline their workflow and gather information faster in the research process to find the best fit for their hotels.

II. Boosted Visibility in Direct Request Modals

Hoteliers typically consider 2-3 options when narrowing down their consideration set during the research process so now Premium Members get priority placement and more chances to slide right into hoteliers' consideration set with boosted visibility in direct lead requests.

III. Boosted visibility in alternatives

Large property multiple (1.5x-->2x)

During pricing beta for lead generation, all leads are flat low pricing with a multiple added for hotel size [Small ($20) // Mid-sized (1.25x multiplier) // Large (1.5x multiplier)]. While pricing will continue in beta with flat low cost CPL leads, the multiplier for mid-sized (50-199) and large property leads (200+) will now more closely reflect the large difference in lead value between smaller and larger properties with mid-sized properties going from 1.25-->1.5x small properties and large properties from 1.5x-->2x small properties.

*Free/basic members: please note that base prices are Premium Member base prices and that Premium Members receive 30% discount on all leads

New feature: Lead purchase journey insights

This week we're rolling out a new feature to give you even more intel about leads to let your teams know where in the purchase journey each lead currently is to better tailor your followup. Each purchase journey insight box includes a link with tips to tailor your teams followup based on the purchase stage the buyer is at.

💡Tip: Each insight tile includes a link to more details about the research stage the user is in and tips to help your team optimize their followup! Learn more

Matched lead booster: Accept leads faster to get more matches

The Bottom Line: The faster you accept leads, the more lead matches you'll have access to

Tip: Make sure to accept new leads as quickly as possible to be responsive and make sure you don't miss out


When hoteliers are in the market they are looking for 3 things: (1) vendors who meet their criteria and (2) vendors who are responsive and (3) helpful advice and information to help them make an informed decision.

As such, vendors who accept leads the most promptly will be rewarded with...more matched leads!

If leads are purchased by another vendor who matches their criteria before your team accepts the lead--they will be moved to the new 'missed leads' tab.

New missed leads tab overview

72-hour response time to exclude weekends

Firstly, you can thank Sharon from TravelClick for this feature request... 😉

  • PROBLEM: Lots of leads come in on Fridays or over the weekend but the 72-hour lead acceptance window continues counting down over the weekend which means by the time you get to the office Monday you're in a mad dash to accept your leads before they incur a late response penalty
  • SOLUTION: The 72-hour response window no longer includes weekends (ie. you can relax and enjoy your weekends thanks to Sharon ⛱ 🙌)

New late response penalty for expired leads

When a new lead came in your team was notified and we asked that you please respond (either accept or decline) within 24-hours to ensure a positive experience for hoteliers requesting information.

If you didn't respond after 72-hours, we assumed that you were not interested in the lead and the lead's status was marked as 'expired'. At this point we reached out to the hotelier to offer additional assistance to help them find a better fit for their properties.

What's changing?

  • After 72-hours if you don't accept/decline the introduction to the hotelier lead, we still reach out to the lead to offer assistance and help them find a better fit for their properties; however, instead of being marked as 'expired' the lead will remain in your 'New'/inbox with the label 'Late response penalty'
  • You will now be able to accept 'expired' leads, however (1) there will be a $15 late response penalty applied to the lead price and (2) you will be disqualified from the lead refund guarantee for this lead since we cannot guarantee that they are still interested in connecting with you

How can I avoid the late response penalty on leads?

To avoid the late response penalty, please accept or decline all leads within 72-hours to protect your reputation and ensure a positive experience for hoteliers.

New lead credit system


In preparation for PSD2 and SCA in the EU on September 15th, we will be rolling out a new lead credit system where instead of each lead being charged at the time of purchase, vendors will purchase lead credit that is then added to your account and can be used when accepting leads.

How it works

  • Login to your account
  • Go to settings-->billing
  • Purchase lead credit to add balance to your account for leads

Benefits of the new lead credit system

  • Save time: Minimize bank level card authentication requirements to save time and reduce hassle while meeting PSD2 and SCA requirements
  • Easier Budgeting: Budget for leads and purchase upfront 
  • Simplified invoicing: Say goodbye to 1 invoice per lead and say hello to consolidated invoicing for lead credits.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: Purchase in bulk and save up to 10% on lead credit

Removal of research phase leads

When we rolled out lead gen, there were 4 types of leads.  We have heard from clients that there is less of an appetite for top of the funnel research phase leads who download category level content and have therefore removed these leads from being available to vendors.  

Instead, we will be nurturing these leads through marketing automation to get them further down the funnel and convert them with higher intent as price quote, demo or quiz/matched leads with direct purchase intent.

This means that you may notice a decrease in lead volumes; however, all leads will now have placed a direct request (eg. price quote, demo, quiz recommendation connections or RFP).

Interested in research phase leads still?

Upgrade to Premium to hosted & syndicate your own content on Hotel Tech Report and capture unlimited downloads right to your dashboard.

Type 1: Research phase leads

  • What is it? The hotelier is researching content in your sub-category on Hotel Tech Report and has explicitly stated that they are in the market within the next 12-months.
  • Stage of the purchase journey? Early, just beginning initial research.
  • Why are they valuable? The earlier you spot a potential lead the sooner you can work your way into their consideration set as they do their research.
  • Follow-up tips: DO NOT HARD SELL! These hoteliers are open to talking with vendors but have not explicitly asked to speak with you and depending on your brand awareness may not even be familiar with your brand.  Therefore it is important to frame your approach as being a trusted and knowledgeable advisor there to help them learn about the category and selling your product should come as a byproduct of them trusting you and wanting to learn more.  Check out the template at the bottom of this article for inspiration
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