New Review Verification Options for Hoteliers

Hoteliers at small independent properties or vacation rentals can now leave reviews and get verified without needing a hotel email domain using one of our new approved verification options built right into the review flow.

👏 Feature request inspiration shout out: Elena @ Monscierge

IMPORTANT: Hotel Tech Report cannot share information other than what is in the Review Manager

We've had extremely high levels of inquiries about off-platform review campaigns. Please note that Hotel Tech Report does not have any visibility into your review campaigns unless they are run via the Review Manager.

The only information we are able to share about reviews is what is visible in your Review Manager.

Read more: Visibility into off-platform review campaigns

Run multiple automated review campaigns at the same time and track performance

Up until now, each member of your team could only run a single automated review campaign at a time because their campaign templates would be in use for the duration of the automated review campaign (2-weeks).

Now, you can as many review campaigns as you want at the same time and see which ones perform best from the new campaign history tab.

Use cases:

  • Send smaller batch targeted review campaigns instead of mass outreach
  • Launch simultaneous campaigns to clients in different regions in different languages
  • Run multiple campaigns at once with different copy in your templates and see which performs better to improve over time

What's New:

  1. Campaign Setup Wizard: Give your campaign a title, preview your templates and and target specific products to shore up your weaknesses (shout out to Richard @ Quore for the inspiration here!)
  2. Simultaneous campaigns/template lock-in: Send multiple campaigns at once with ease with template lock in where the templates are set at the time you send the campaign and then you can update your templates to send a new one.  Key use cases include collaborative campaigns where multiple team members want to run simultaneous campaigns, running various campaigns to different geo segments of clients who speak different languages, etc
  3. Campaign history tab: See analytics and conversion around the campaigns your team has sent to learn what works best and optimize over time.

Review manager performance improvements

Today we rolled out several improvements to the review manager to make automated review gathering that much easier.

  • Performance improvements: The review manager is now blazing fast with no lag and can easily handle larger lists and campaigns for enterprise companies with thousands of clients with no lag thanks to virtual and infinite scrolling.
  • Slide out detail view: This is the same detail tab as always but you'll notice when you click on a client in the review manager, the detail tab slides out from the side of the page which was implemented to reduce lagginess and improve load times.
  • Auto-assignments: Save time assigning users manually with the new auto-assignment feature.  If a client isn't assigned to a member of your team, they will be automatically assigned to the team member who sends them a review request to easily filter your review manager for status updates and followup.
  • Campaign queue: The new campaign queue tab now allows you add specific groupings of clients to target with a review campaign to send more personalized and targeted campaigns.
  • Bulk Actions: Easily select multiple users at once using the checkboxes on each tile, move them to archived, add them to your campaign queue and more.
  • Template updates: More personal looking plain text templates now with customizable merge fields including customizing your review link.

Want to see the review manager in action? Watch tutorial

🔄 1-click review refresh to improve HT Score

Want any easy way to make the content on your profiles more relevant while also boosting your review recency to improve your HT Score and get prep'd for this year's 2020 HotelTechAwards? We've got great news for you, now you can! With a single click you send a request to clients to confirm and refresh their review.  If you like this feature you can thank your fellow Premium Member Leif @ Atomize for requesting it

See how it works

New features to get more reviews and improve your online reputation

The past few months we've been hard at work revamping the vendor dashboard to make it quicker and easier for our global community of 300+ of the top hotel technology suppliers to leverage the authentic voice of their customers to enable their sales teams, build trust with prospects and attract new clients.

The free new vendor functionality is now available in your vendor dashboard and will:
(a) Get more reviews with less effort to improve your online reputation
(b) Make it easier for non-customer facing marketers to engage and collaborate with customer facing teams to gather client feedback
(c) Connect with partners to build your network, refer business and track the strength of your partnerships

We will also be rolling out premium memberships later this month which include enhanced features to increase customer retention, streamline cross team collaboration, improve your online reputation and find strategic talent to grow your team/install base. Learn more about premium


Collaborate more efficiently with your team, customers and partners to build trust with prospects and grow your install base.

Team collaboration
Simplify your feedback workflow by collaborating with your team

CSV importing
Save time with manual entry and get more reviews with CSV importing

Feedback manager
Save time by automatically tracking your customer outreach and ensure that you never risk bombarding customers.

Review request smart links
Get more reviews with personalized outreach and review request SmartLinks.

Reviewer reveal
Find out who left you reviews privately in the vendor dashboard.

Partner chat (coming August 1)
Ditch the back-and-forth emails and collaborate seamlessly with the global hotel tech community to network, share referrals and form partnerships.

Partner referral tracker (coming August 1)
Invite your team to share leads and referrals to strengthen your network and monitor the health of your partner network.








Want to improve your team's efficiency,  communication and collaboration with customers and partners even more?

Learn more about premium memberships

Feature Update: Single company review URL and syndicating reviews

Many of you have asked about this and know its been coming but as always, we give our shout out to the drivers of change.  Thanks for the feedback Matt from CloudBeds and Macey from Intelity!

Now that we've gotten our shout outs out of the way, here's what you need to know:


You had a unique review URL for each of your products and if a customer used multiple products, they would have to leave multiple reviews.



Send customers to your company's single review URL (ex. and they can select which of your products they use and don't use.  Their review will then be syndicated across your respective product profiles.

Ways to maximize your new company review link: