Matched leads update: Only vendors with strong reputations will be able to connect with matches

While it is only a small percentage of matched leads that can potentially get matched with vendors without a strong reputation (since matching happens based on verified reviews in the platform)--it can happen on occasion which is why we have always cautioned against vendors without strong reputations on Hotel Tech Report from accepting matched leads (see: Tips Before Getting Started with Leads).

The first thing HTR's users are likely to do when matched vendors reach out is lookup the vendor's profiles on HTR and if they don't see a strong reputation they aren't likely to be interested in following up meaning its a bad experience for them, a bad experience for the vendor.

This is why we recently deployed an update so that now only vendors with strong reputations on Hotel Tech Report will be able to access matched leads.

What is considered a strong reputation?

You must have a minimum of 25 reviews.  25 is the golden number when it comes to consumer/buyer trust of profiles on reviews websites.  Please remember that this is in place to protect buyers and help ensure that you are setup for success when HTR connects you with leads.

💡Need help collecting reviews? Learn more

Why can't vendors without a strong reputation connect with matched leads anymore?

The short answer is that it is a bad experience for users, and vendors without strong reputations on HTR are not likely to be successful with matched leads anyways making it a bad experience for vendors as well (both of which hurt the HTR brand so its a lose-lose-lose!).

Remember, matched leads did not ask to connect with your brand specifically the same way that direct leads do, but rather said that they are open to connecting with recommendations for providers in your category.  Therefore while it is only a small percentage of matched leads that get matched with vendors with weak reputation, it does happen on occasion.  The first thing HTR's hotelier users are likely to do when matched vendors reach out is lookup your profiles on HTR so:

  1. It is a bad experience for our users (hoteliers): Matched leads ask HTR for recommendations and opt in if they are willing to connect with HTR's recommended vendors based on the data in the platform.  That said, the first thing most HTR users do when they are contacted by a potential match is check their profile.  In cases where matches didn't have strong reputations we had some hoteliers reach out frustrated that they were contacted by a vendor with a poor (or no) reputation on HTR (understandably so)
  2. Vendors with bad reputations were getting frustrated: While we had hoteliers frustrated as mentioned in #1, we also had vendors who were contacting these leads frustrated that the leads didn't want to speak with them.  We had to then explain that we advise against connecting with matched leads until their reputation was stronger and even so, many continued to connect with hoteliers and then they get frustrated the hotelier didn't want to talk to them. 
  3. Negative brand impact to HTR: As much as we want to drive as many leads as possible to our community, ultimately trust with our users is our top priority so we decided that we couldn't take this risk anymore and had to block vendors without strong reputations from being able to access matches.  While the system is automated and crowd sourced based on reviews, when users come to HTR to ask for recommendations if we connect them with vendors based on reputation who don't have strong reputations--we lose trust with buyers and it hurts the HTR brand.

The solution: Make sure your product has at least 25 reviews to unlock matched leads and be able to connect with in market buyers looking for solutions in your category.

🎁 Free offer: Improve your reputation and boost your inbound during COVID

Hotels are closed, your sales outreach is frozen and conferences are cancelled for the foreseeable future so inbound is the only way to keep your pipeline filled.  

The good news is that hoteliers are still looking for tech on Hotel Tech Report but if you want to maximize your visibility and capture more leads you need to make sure your reputation is strong.

During COVID hoteliers have more time on their hands to help out by leaving you a review but at the same time it can also be uncomfortable to reach out to them unless your messaging is sensitive.

Don't worry, we've got your back and its going to be copy/paste easy, here's how it works:

  • 🚀 Step 1: Activate the extended free trial of the automated review manager
  • ⚖️ Step 2: Decide which outreach strategy you want to use
  • 🎁  Step 3: Choose your giveaway reward/s & HTR will match you
  • 📝 Step 4: Use the templates below to launch your campaign

Check out the guide and download the free templates →

Offer valid from April 1st, 2020-July 1, 2020

Q1 '20 Lead Segmentation: Good news, hoteliers are still looking for tech!

Since the entire industry is undoubtedly struggling and there is constantly grim news left and right--we wanted to offer a glimmer of hope to members of the HTR community by sharing a few of our Q1 lead segmentation metrics during the crisis.

Hotels are closed, vendor sales outreach is frozen and conferences are cancelled for the foreseeable future but the good news is that hoteliers are still thinking about tech and buyers are still doing research.  Stay positive hotel techies! #hoteltechstrong

Q1 Lead Segmentation Summary

  • 💼 Top lead job title: Owners (45%)
  • 🛌 Top property size: Mid-sized up to 200 rooms (39.4%)
  • 🏨 Top segment: Boutiques (31%)
  • 📍Top region: Europe (37%)
  • 🏢 Top department: Operations (28%)
  • 🛒 Top category: Property Management Systems (16%)

By job title:

By property size:

By property type:

By region:

By category: 

COVID offers

Lots of companies have been looking to leverage the downtime to shore up their presence on HTR and have been asking about COVID offers so we wanted to make these available to the community.  Extended free trial offer valid from April 1st, 2020-July 1, 2020.

  • 💸Offer #1: Improve your reputation and boost your inbound during COVID with an extended trial of the automated review manager
  • 👑Offer #2: New premium member signup offer
  • 📝Offer #3: Discounted Sponsored Content & Advertising

💸Offer #1: Improve your reputation and boost your inbound during COVID with an extended trial of the automated review manager

Reviews drive your reputation, visibility and lead volumes on Hotel Tech Report so if you're profiles and reputation need some work and you're looking to leverage the downtime to improve your presence on Hotel Tech Report, this one's for you.  Run automated review campaigns to clients with an embedded giveaway offer.  🎁 Learn more about the free offer

✔ Extended 60-day free trial of the automated review manager
✔ Copy/paste review campaign giveaway templates
✔ $200 incentive matching program

💡Tip: Run an automated giveaway campaign through the custom templates feature in the automated review manager and raffle off a $100 Instacart gift card to a customer who leaves a review between now and June 1.

👑Offer #2: New premium member signup offer

Are you a basic member looking to enhance your presence with upgraded profiles, lead discounts, free press releases and more? Is your outbound operation completely frozen and you're praying for inbound? New members who sign up between now and June 1st and receive 15% of your membership fee back in free lead credit to use in your vendor dashboard to drum up qualified inbound leads while your outbound operations are frozen.  Write in via live chat to claim the offer

  • ✔ Get 15%* of your membership back in free lead credit when you upgrade to premium
  • ✔ Offer valid through June 1st, 2020

* For annual membership only, can't be combined with other offers and discounts

📝Offer #3: Discounted Sponsored Content & Advertising

Interested in sponsored content and/or advertising? We're offering discounts on new purchases between now and July 1st so reach out via the live chat for details.

  • ✔ Discounts on sponsored content and advertising
  • ✔ Offer valid through August 31st, 2020
  • ✔ Inquire via the live chat on

Note: Advertising and content purchases may defer production of content or activation of advertising for up to 1-year from the date of purchase.

🚀 New Premium 3.0 Membership Packages

Over the last 12-months, lots has changed on HotelTechReport.  To name a few of these changes:

As our audience continues to grow (3x year-over-year!) and our offerings continue to evolve, we've received lots of requests from companies who participate in multiple HTR initiatives and campaigns throughout the year for custom all-inclusive packages to help plan/budget better for the year ahead (and benefit from additional bundled package discounts).

And that's why we're rolling out all new Premium Membership Packages that include: 💸 lead credit, 🏆 HotelTechAwards, 📝Sponsored content, 📣 Advertising, 🤑 members only discounts and more!

Premium 3.0 Membership Packages

  1. Basic: Start out free with basic profiles, pick and choose which initiatives you want to participate in ala carte.
  2. Premium: Unlock a suite of members only features, benefits & exclusive discounts to improve your reputation, boost your visibility and enable your sales teams.
  3. Premium Plus (NEW)Supplement your membership with advertising and sponsored content to build your brand and boost your visibility and get more leads.
  4. Premium Pro (NEW): Partner with HTR as your outsourced content marketing and PR team to keep your brand top of mind for buyers year round.

New benefits added for existing 2.0 and new 3.0 members: 

If you are currently a Premium Member you are welcome to stay on your current membership for the duration of your membership period and will continue to receive your benefits at the time of signup (either with your 1.0 or 2.0 plan) as well as some new benefits.

New 3.0 only benefits (included only with 3.0 Membership Packages):

If you would like to gain all of the benefits of the new Membership Packages you are able to upgrade at the difference in price between your current plan and the new plan you would like to upgrade to.  Depending on your plan, new Membership Packages include: 

  1. 💸 Lead credit: Pro and plus plans include substantial lead credit to connect with in market buyers year round
  2. 👩🏼‍💻Guest posting: Post your thought leadership on HTR to build your brand as a thought leader.
  3.  📝 Sponsored articles: Get sponsored articles with pro and plus plans
  4. 📣 Advertising: Build your brand through strategic targeted advertising via the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web
  5. 🛒 Package discounts: New plus and pro membership plans include 30%-40% bundled discounts
  6. 🎁 Upfront payment bonus: HotelTechAwards, lead credit and review incentive cards included with 3.0 plans


  1. Why Premium?
  2. What are the changes and new benefits included with membership?
  3. Is there a change in pricing for Premium 3.0 membership packages?
  4. What options is HTR offering for COVID crisis relief?
  5. What do I have to do to take advantage of the renewal offer?
  6. How does HTR membership stack up to other marketing investments?
  7. If my company is on a Premium 2.0 plan currently, do I have to upgrade to a new 3.0 plan and is there any change in pricing?You are welcome to stay on your current 2.0 plan at the same pricing with your current benefits plus the new free benefits added to your membership at no additional charge (see above)
  8. What do I do if my company is a current Premium Member on a 2.0 plan and we want to upgrade to Premium 3.0 Membership Package to take advantage of the additional benefits? Please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report to request an upgrade link.
  9. What is the price change from 2.0 Membership to 3.0 Membership? This year we added tons of new features and benefits but pricing stayed the same with no increase.  The only change to pricing is that we no longer offer the 15% discount for upfront payment but instead offer an upfront payment incentive (includes HotelTechAwards entries, lead credit and review incentive cards) none of which were previously included and this incentive is actually worth more than the 15% discount.

COVID Aid: Membership Renewal Offer Extension + Bonus

If you're reading this it probably means that your annual Premium Membership is up for renewal shortly.  As a thank you to loyal members, we extend a renewal offer prior to your membership expiration.

Typically the renewal offer is activated if you renew your membership prior to your expiration date; however, during COVID we are offering 2 ways to help companies in need (valid through July 1, 2020): 

  1. Option #1: Get a 60-day extension on your renewal offer

    1. 🎁 Offer: Members up for renewal during COVID that want to renew but aren't financially able to during the crisis are eligible for a 60-day extension on the renewal offer.
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1
    3. Activation: To activate the extension, please write in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report prior to your membership expiration date and copy this message: "We would like to renew our HTR Premium Membership and take advantage of the renewal offer but would like to request a 60-day extension on our annual membership payment."
  2. Option #2: Double the content credit

    1. 🎁 Offer: To show our appreciation to companies who are able to continue their membership during this difficult period, we will be offering 2x the standard content credit renewal bonus 
    2. Eligibility: Existing Premium Members up for renewal between March 1-July 1 who renew their membership prior to their membership expiration date
    3. Activation: Automatically applied to your account within 48-hours of your renewal upgrade submission

Premium Membership plans change log

HotelTechReport is constantly growing our audience and rolling out new features, benefits and exclusive discounts for Premium Members to constantly increase the value of membership for our members.

About once a year HTR repackages Premium membership plans which occasionally comes with a slight change in pricing to cover the new plan benefits.

For existing members, most new benefits are automatically grandfathered in at no additional charge for the duration of your membership; however, some new benefits do require you to update to the most current version of Premium to access them.

Below shows each version of Premium, any price changes and new benefits that were rolled out (as well as which are included for existing members and which require an upgrade to the current version of premium).

Current versionPremium 3.0

Premium Membership version overview

  • 🚀 Premium v1.0 Membership (Oct 2018): The first membership plan ever rolled out on HotelTechReport which included basic functionality like v1 premium profiles, v1 automated review manager and press release posting.  
  • 🚀 Premium v2.0 Membership (June 2019): Updated membership plans with new benefits including hosted report+unlimited downloads, content credits, discounted sponsored content and advertising, new automation features for the automated review manager and more (Price change from previous year: + ~$1,200/year) 
  • 🚀 Premium v3.0 Membership (April 2020): This year we added thousands of dollars in new features, benefits and discounts for members (Price change from prior year: no price increase to help companies struggling during the COVID crisis)

🚀 Premium 1.0 Membership (Oct 2018)

Member registration date: Upgraded between October 2018 - June 2019.

Benefits included:

  1. Automated review manager (v1) to save time and generate reviews at scale to improve your rankings, reputation and visibility
  2. Upgraded premium profiles (v1) to transform your profiles into your best piece of sales collateral
  3. Respond to reviews to show prospects you're engaged and color any critiques
  4. Press release posting to save hundreds of dollars sharing your companies' latest news, announcements and updates

🚀 Premium 2.0 Membership (June 2019)

  • Member registration date: Upgraded between June 15, 2019 - April 1, 2020
  • Price change: $1200/year

Includes all benefits of 1.0 PLUS:

  1. Update #1: Hosted reports + unlimited downloads
  2. Update #2: Content Credits*
  3. Update #3: Automated Review Manager (v2)
  4. Update #4: Premium profile redesign (v2)
  5. Update #5: Exclusive Access & Discounts on Sponsored Content*

*1.0 members are required to upgrade to current version to access benefit, all other benefits are grandfathered in for the duration of your membership at no additional charge

🚀 Premium 3.0 Membership (latest version)

  • Member registration date: Upgraded between June 15, 2019 - present
  • Price change: No price change.  Upfront payment benefits (see #11 below) replaced previous 15% annual member discount from 1.0 and 2.0 plans

Includes all benefits of 2.0 PLUS:

  1. New Premium Plus and Pro Membership plans
  2. ⚡️Improved lead visibilityAdded visibility to generate more leads via the Lead booster update
  3. 💌 Enhanced review collection: Enhanced functionality for manual verifications, review update requests, internal contests, simultaneous campaigns+campaign analytics
  4. ⚖️ Upgraded comparison pages: Feature Premium profile content in product comparison pages Learn more
  5. 🤑 More discounts: Advertising (Learn more), sponsored content, annual content packages (Learn more) and discounted leads (Learn more)
  6. 💸 Lead credit: Pro and plus plans include substantial lead credit to connect with in market buyers year round*
  7. 👩🏼‍💻Guest posting: Post your thought leadership on HTR to build your brand as a thought leader.*
  8.  📝 Sponsored articles: Get sponsored articles with pro and plus plans*
  9. 📣 Advertising: Build your brand through strategic targeted advertising via the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web*
  10. 🛒 Package discounts: New plus and pro membership plans include 30%-40% bundled discounts*
  11. 🎁 Annual Member Upfront payment bonus: HotelTechAwards, lead credit and review incentive cards included with 3.0 plans*

* Existing Premium 1.0 and 2.0 members are required to upgrade to the current version of Premium to access these benefits, all other benefits are grandfathered in for the duration of your membership at no additional charge

2020 HotelTechAward winner perks update

Original Update: 2020 HotelTechAwards Perks Package

Round 1 of the 2020 winner perks went live February including: 📣 Promotion on the 2020 winner's landing page (+20,000+ hotelier e-blast), 🥇Winners badge added to your profile, 🎟 Tickets to the HotelTechAwards party in London.

...but there were still a few items still pending that are now live with full details below. 


Here's the quick update on each of your remaining perks (more detail on each below):

  • 📖 Lead gen look book: Its live and went out to 25k hoteliers this week.  Winners were also emailed a hard copy and 1-year content license
  • 🖼 Limited edition office print: Winners have been emailed their high res limited edition office (or home office...) print
  • 💸 15% back in free lead credit & 🎁 custom package requests: Winners have been sent an email with their spend amount to verify. Once you do the 15% back in free lead credit will be added to your account.  Also, for companies who requested custom packages, your package is available upon request.
  • 📖 Buyer's Guide exclusivity: The buyers guide exclusivity period has been extended through June 1

With everything going on in the world we've been trying to figure out the best way to close out the final HotelTechAwards initiatives and perks for winners and have been hoping things would clear up a bit but unfortunately it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.

Since this is our reality for the next several months, we have decided to close out and/or launch each of the remaining initiatives/perks for 2020 HotelTechAward winners.

I. 2020 Lead Gen Look Book

We've been hesitant to release and promote this too overtly during the crisis thinking too much promotion during a difficult time won't leave a great taste with hoteliers.

That said, since there isn't an end in the foreseeable future, we've decided to release the look book and promote it in a tactful way

What to know:

  • It's live. The 2020 HotelTechIndex Report (aka. look book) featuring 2020 winners is now live here
  • It's being promoted. The report is being promoted on HTR, to our email list of 25,000+ hoteliers and via social media (paid and organic)
  • Your copy is ready. 2020 winners have been emailed their hard copy with a 1-year license to leverage the report in your own marketing and demand generation (ie. use it as gated co-branded content to capture leads on your

II. 2020 HotelTechAwards Limited Edition Office Print

We initially planned to bring these prints to ITB Berlin but after the conference was cancelled, we have decided to instead send high res digital copies of your limited edition office print.

On the plus side, now you can share it with each of your offices or all of your employees to put up in their new home offices (talk about an epic Zoom backdrop 😉).

  • Make your office look like a million bucks. The concept was to design a limited edition custom print inspired by a famous artist to create something physical that would be awesome to hang in your office that the whole team could enjoy and would commemorate your hard fought victory in the awards.  This year's limited edition print was inspired by Ed Ruscha, a famous California contemporary artist known for his iconic lettered prints one of which recently sold at auction for $30M!
  • Limited edition. There are only 25 prints in the series and each is customized to a winning company with your brand, logo, color scheme and edition number to fit your office vibe.
  • Ready for print.  Prints were designed high res ready for print up to 48" (Width) x 36" (Height).
  • Send us a pic. Send us a pic of your print framed and hung in your office common area or CEO's office to get $150 in free lead credit added to your account.

III. 15% Back in Lead Credit Perk + Custom Packages

  • 15% back in lead credit has been processed: One of the perks of winning was to receive 15% back in free lead credit on any new purchases made between 2/1/20-3/15/20 (up to $2,000/company).  We have calculated your spend and sent an email so just make sure to respond confirming the amount and we'll get your free lead credit added ASAP.
  • Custom package requests are ready: Companies who requested to take advantage of the perk by getting a custom annual package from Hotel Tech Report, your custom package is ready.   Given the current crisis, we have decided not to send these packages out to be sensitive to the fact that times have changed quite a bit since your request was placed.  If you would still like to receive your custom package offer: 
    • (a) Please let us know and we will be happy to send it along for your review
    • (b) We are offering an extension on the additional 15% back in lead credit perk on custom packages through December 31, 2020 for any companies who would still like to move forward with their package

IV. 2021 Buyer's Guides

We've extended the deadline for securing your category's annual buyers guide report from March 1st to June 1st before the guide will be opened up to other vendors in the community Reserve here (use access code '2021EARLYRES15BACK')

Coronavirus update

This promotional opportunity submission deadline has passed View article


We've been doing our best not to send any Coronavirus related emails to spare everybody's overloaded inboxes, but wanted to reach out with 3-quick updates and ways we are supporting our tech partners through this unprecedented crisis: 

3-Ways We're Here to Help:

  1. 🆘 Have you suspended billing for your hotel clients? Hotel Tech Report will match your gesture for any premium members who have suspended billing with their hotel clients to help out during this difficult time
  2. 📣 Have a product that can help during the crisis? If your company offers any free products/services that can be helpful to hotels during this time, we want to help you get the word out so let us know
  3. 💡How else can we help? We're looking to crowd source ideas of how we can help our community of vendors and hoteliers during this difficult time

Click here to request aid or promotion or submit an idea

We hope you, your team and your family are staying safe during these crazy times.

Adam and Jordan
Hotel Tech Report

P.S. We almost forgot #4...🐶We saved a life! Meet Zeus, HTR's new mascot! 

Due to the COVID crisis, animal rescues have a shortage of volunteers which means tons of animals are being put to sleep. We decided to foster this little guy during the crisis to get him out of the kill shelter.  If you'd like to foster or adopt a pet to keep you company in quarantine let us know and we'll share some tips/helpful resources.

Financial aid for quarterly members

Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, HotelTechReport has several offers available to help new clients and annual members looking to renew their membership (view COVID renewal offer).

HotelTechReport is also offering temporary financial aid and additional assistance for companies on quarterly membership plans who would like to continue their membership but aren't able to due to the crisis.

Please reach out via the live chat to share your situation and we will be more than happy to work with you to create a plan to help you continue working with HTR through these difficult times.

Financial aid terms and conditions: 

  • ✔ Company must be a Premium Member for at least the last 6-months 
  • ✔ Only available to companies who intend to continue their membership at the end of the payment holiday (minimum 1x period term required) 
  • ✔ Company must agree to resume membership for at least one period after financial aid plan expires (at which point you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime)
  • ✔ Company must reach out to HTR via live chat prior to June 1st

(UPDATE July 1, 2020): Companies may break the 2nd term of aid with no penalty

We hope that members in need appreciate the financial aid packages provided and that it was helpful for your company.  While we hope that recipients are able to honor the terms of HTR's financial aid offer extended (#2 above); if for any reason your company is not able to continue your membership please note that there will not be any penalties for breaking the terms of the offer.  That said, please note that unfortunately HTR will not be able to extend further financial aid and free services.  If you would like to break the terms of the agreement, please notify HTR via the live chat on site and request for your company's account be downgraded from premium to basic before the end of your financial aid package.

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