New Premium 2.0 Benefit: Content Credits

Premium Members on any 2.0 plan (joined after June 15th, 2019) now receive up to $2400 in content credits each quarter to get featured in relevant and timely articles on Hotel Tech Report to keep your brand top of mind year round.

  • Startup Members (2 content credits/quarter, $400 value)
  • Growth Members (6 content credits/quarter, $1200 value)
  • Enterprise Members (12 content credits/quarter, $2400 value)

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  1. How many content credits come with my plan?
  2. What is content coverage?
  3. What are some of the benefits of content coverage?
  4. What are examples of content coverage?
  5. Can I use my premium membership content credits towards other types of content?
  6. How do I know when my credits are used and check my balance?

1. How many content credits come with my plan?

Content credits are allocated to premium members based on your plan type.  

  • Startup Plan: 2 credits/quarter ($400 value)
  • Growth Plan: 6 credits/quarter ($1200 value)
  • Enterprise Plan: 12 credits/quarter ($2400 value)

With your premium membership you get content credits each quarter that go towards getting your company featured in relevant, timely and engaging articles to keep your brand top of mind year round (referred to as 'Content Coverage').

Content coverage requires 6 credits per article meaning that growth and enterprise plans get featured in 1 or 2 articles per quarter, respectively.

2. What is content coverage?

HTR's editorial content calendar independently covers important issues, trends and pain points in the hotel industry.  In order to illustrate these trends and solutions we often use software vendors and software categories as examples.  When doing so, premium members get featured in relevant articles to deliver value add content to buyers with their brand front and center via 'content coverage'.  This content is never influenced by vendors in any way, shape or form and is 100% independently ideated, created and published.  Vendors are notified after content has been published and may only request factual edits.  

3. What are some of the benefits of 'content coverage'?

  • You don't have to lift a finger: Hotel Tech Report does all the work and we notify you when its ready to go live so its completely turnkey
  • Keep your brand top of mind with year round coverage: Get covered regularly throughout the year with earned media that speaks to relevant issues with helpful and engaging content while your brand is organically featured in the limelight
  • Organic and authentic earned media: Beyond the time saving benefits of content coverage, since these articles are completed without outside influence, these articles are not sponsored posts so they can just be featured for what they are, organic content on HTR
  • Tailor to your goals: By default we will plan your coverage for articles based on your goals and product by optimizing for relevancy.  In addition, if you have specific product updates, company announcements or focus topics, let us know via live chat so we can align your coverage with the most relevant and compelling subject matter possible.
  • Turnkey content for your blog: Follow our content coverage repurposing guidelines to fill your content calendar and add relevant, timely content to your
  • Additional promotion of your Once you repurpose your content coverage (per our repurposing guidelines), Hotel Tech Report will promote the repurposed article on your blog to drive you additional traffic and visibility.

4. What are examples of content coverage?

5. Can I exchange my credits as a premium member for something else?

The easiest and most common way to use your credits is to keep them in autopilot and let HTR choose relevant and timely articles to feature you in without your company having to to lift a finger (we know you're busy and we've got you covered! no pun intended...).   If you have upcoming features, announcements or topics that you are focused on this quarter make sure to let us know so we can tailor your coverage to meet any more specific goals you may have.

That said, you may also use your content credits for other types of content, specifically guest posts and sponsored articles.  For example, if you have 12 credits per quarter you may opt to submit 3 guest posts (4 credits each) instead of getting covered in 2 articles.  In order to use your credits for something other than automatic content coverage, you must write in 30-days in advance so we can properly adjust HTR's editorial calendar.

6. How do I know when my credits are used and check my balance?

To see all recent coverage you can head to the 'recent news' section of any of your profiles.  Beginning October 1st, 2019 premium members will receive a notification email with each article that your company is featured in outlining your credits used in the current quarter, which are remaining and which articles you have been covered in.  You can also write in via live chat for an update or if you want to request a hold on your content to be used towards another type of content and turn off automatic content coverage.