Linkedin login has been removed from Hotel Tech Report

Historically, vendors have had to claim their profiles and login using Linkedin to verify their identity as an employee at their company and access their vendor dashboard.


  1. Linkedin login has caused several UX issues including duplicate accounts and notifications as well as confusion around accessing the vendor dashboard
  2. As a result, Linkedin will be removed as an authentication and login option from the HTR web-app the week of January 20th
  3. If you are a vendor used to logging in with Linkedin, you will need to reset your password the next time you login by pressing the 'forgot password' button on the login modal

How to sign in as a vendor and create a password once Linkedin has been removed from HTR?

Problem: Issues and confusion caused by Linkedin login

Linkedin login has caused the following UX issues as follows which is why it is being removed (and how it will benefit you):

  1. Users creating duplicate accounts: Some vendors come to HTR and forget that they have to use Linkedin login to access their vendor dashboard so they try to login with their email address and it accidentally creates a duplicate account for them causing confusion because it looks like they are logged in, but for some reason can't access their vendor dashboard as they usually do (since they usually login with Linkedin but this time forgot to)
  2. Duplicate company connections created by teammates: In some cases, users have already claimed their profile but then a team member tries to invite them again which creates a duplicate connection to the company on behalf of the invitee.
  3. Duplicate notification emails: If you were a user who experienced either #1 or #2 above it is possible that you are/were receiving duplicate notification emails for your company