Lead gen beta pricing

With the recent launch of lead generation on Hotel Tech Report, we felt that it was important to offer all vendors the opportunity to view all relevant qualifying details and information to make an informed decision for each lead as to whether it is a good potential fit for their business which is why the lead gen beta program is offered on a CPL model (cost per lead).

What determines the price of leads?

During the beta period all leads will be offered at a flat low rate that is adjusted based on the size of the property. Leads are priced at small properties ($20/lead), mid-sized properties (1.25x), large properties(1.5x).

What is not factored into lead pricing during beta?

While eventually lead pricing will be more dynamic based on real time market demand, category and portfolio size, these items will not be factored into beta lead pricing. While many of the leads that come through HTR's lead gen program are for portfolios of multiple properties, pricing will only be as if they are for a single property (so good time to take advantage of the extra low prices!).

Our goal is to continue to drive the most high quality leads for great companies on Hotel Tech Report with products their customers love and we welcome any and all feedback from participating vendors about the functionality of the leads inbox, process, workflows, qualifications and lead quality to help optimize the leads we are driving to you to help you grow your business.