Update #1: 2020 HotelTechAwards (Week 3)

Week 3 Updates Overview

⭐️#1: Review campaign checkup
💼#2: The Best Places to Work Survey is now open Employee Survey


Week 3 To Do List Summary

✅ Make sure your review campaign is in progress
✅ Send the Best Places to Work employee survey link to your team
✅ Nominate your most innovative clients to earn extra points

Next Up: Partner recommendations invite link (announcement October 1st)



1. Make Sure Your Review Campaign on Track

  • What should you do? If you haven't started on your review campaign make sure you get started in the next 1-2 weeks to avoid falling behind in the competition.  If you haven't yet met the 10 review minimum now is the time to get moving before it's too late.  Trust us, you don't want to be scrambling in December and collection sometimes takes iteration (which takes time)
  • 💡Tip: Checkout our tips, templates and best practices for collecting reviews or schedule a coaching call - we're here to help!



2. Send Your Colleagues "Best Places to Work" Survey

  • What should you do? Have your head of HR send the employee survey link to all of your teammates ASAP
  • 💡Tips: (1) Remember, companies who make the top 10 list get +2 bonus points added to their  score in the awards at the end of the competition which can make a real difference (2) Head to the Help Article to find out how many completions your company needs to be eligible to make the list (3) See who made the 2019 Best Places to Work List for some inspiration






A quick (but Important!) product announcement: 'Aged reviews' update goes live this week

  • What should you do? Nothing to do here folks, just keep in mind that if you have lots of old reviews, your score may change since those ratings will no longer be factored into HT Score average ratings (eg. likelihood to recommend, ease of use, ROI, etc) Learn more about the update
  • 💡Tip: For companies with lots of recent reviews, your scores likely won't change much. That said, if you have lots of old reviews collecting cobwebs on your profiles, expect a change in your HT Score.  But don't worry, its easy to correct for by either getting some new reviews or leveraging the 1-click review refresh feature.