New Benefit: Credit usage alternatives (2.0 plans)

Several members have requested to exchange content coverage for guest posting, lead credit or sponsored articles so as of this month if you are a member who has content coverage included with your plan you can opt to use your coverage for guest posting instead.

Premium 2.0 Members can now transfer content coverage credits into guest posting, sponsored articles or lead credit

As a Premium Member on any 2.0 membership plan, you may opt for your credits to be used towards leads or content (amount varies based on your plan).  Credits rollover and can be accumulated during the duration of your membership and only expire when your membership is downgraded.  All members must indicate their preference while their membership is active.

Transfer rates: Trade 1 coverage article for 1 guest post, trade 2 coverage articles for one sponsored article, trade 1 coverage article for $200 in lead credit (default selection)

Here's how to request your preferred benefit:

  1. Members will have 6-months (through 8/15/20) to select your benefit of lead credit, sponsored articles or guest post credits Click here to request your benefits
  2. If you do not select your benefit by the August 15, 2020 deadline, we will automatically apply lead credit to your account to ensure that you receive benefit from this change
  3. If you do not select your benefit and lead credit is applied to your account by default but you would like to reverse this, you can request a reversal at the above exchange rate (200-to-1 lead credit-to-guest posting) 
  4. Place a content request: sponsored article or guest post

** If you don't have enough credits to place an order, you may purchase additional credits in the content shop
** If you'd like a real time update on your content credits you can request an updated balance at any time via live chat on HTR


  • What if I don't select a benefit within the 6-month window? If you don't select a benefit within 6-months (by August 15th, 2020), we will automatically select lead credit as your benefit and the amount will be added to your account
  • Why is lead credit the default benefit that is selected? Lead credit is the default selection because it is the most requested benefit from members.  It  also has direct monetary value that can be stored on your account and used immediately and never expires
  • What if I want to use my content coverage credits towards guest posting instead? Reach out via the live chat to request your content coverage credits to be turned into guest post credits and our team will turn off your automatic content coverage and you will receive guest post credits instead that can be used anytime during your membership
  • What if we just received content coverage but want guest posting instead? If you received coverage in an article on HTR within the last 45-days that you would like to exchange for a guest post instead, please reach out via the live chat and we will remove your coverage placement and exchange it for a guest post