New Benefit: Credit usage alternatives (2.0 plans)

With the rollout of Premium 2.0, one of the new benefits members received was content credits (learn more).  Several members have asked if they can redeem lead credit instead of content credits so we are making this available to all Premium 2.0 Members (joined between June '19 and March '20 ). 

Premium 2.0 Members can now opt for content credits OR lead credits 

As a Premium Member on any 2.0 plan, you may opt for your credits to be used towards leads or content (amount varies based on your plan).  Credits rollover and can be accumulated during the duration of your membership and only expire when your membership is downgraded.  All members must indicate their preference while their membership is active.

Here's how to take advantage of your Premium Membership benefit:

  1. Select your benefit of Lead Credit or Content Credit (here)
  2. Check your content credit balance (here, updated monthly)
  3. Place a content request: sponsored article or guest post

** If you don't have enough credits to place an order, you may purchase additional credits in the content shop
** If you'd like a real time update on your content credits you can request an updated balance at any time via live chat on HTR