🐞 Incorrect minimum review threshold in vendor dashboard after the recent update (RESOLVED)

With the rollout from the latest HT Score update from April New Quality Signal Variables Update we noticed that the counter for minimum review threshold in the dashboard wasn't showing the correct number (see below).  

Thanks to our bug hunters of the day--Marvin and Ari @ RoomPriceGenie for spotting this pest so we could squash him like the bug that he is.

Status: This issue has been resolved and the dashboard now shows the correct variance from the minimum review threshold per the April HT Score update.

Want to check the category average to double check?

Head to your category, click the compare button on the upper right of any product tile and take the average # of reviews for products in your category with at least 30 reviews. 

Like many of you, we've taken the current crisis as an opportunity to refactor some of our code base and inevitably, a few pesky 1 🐞s will slip through the cracks and this is one of those bugs so appreciate your patience and you bringing anything you find to our attention so we can fix it asap 🙏