Hoteliers reporting verification link broken (RESOLVED)

Have you had clients report that the verification link they received after leaving their review is broken?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

  • The bad news: We've had several reports of companies saying their customers are getting an error page when they click the verification link.
  • The good news: Don't worry, the links are working properly and these users' reviews have been verified. It just means they likely clicked the link more than once and these are single use links.
  • The problem: Once the single use verification link has been clicked once, the review is verified and the link dies. If the user tries to click it again, unfortunately it will lead to an error page if clicked after it has been used already which is what has been confusing some hoteliers.
  • 🛠The solution: We will be updating the UX of this to make it clearer that the verification works even if the user clicks it multiple times by making sure even after links are used and they die, they will now lead to a non-404 page regardless so it doesn't seem like an error to users who, for whatever reason, click the verification link multiple times.