Hospitality Innovation Awards (postponed)

In response to requests from several HotelTechAwards participants, we have decided to postpone the Hospitality Innovation Awards and turn them into a separate competition (date TBD).

As such, the Hospitality Innovation Awards are postponed until further notice in an effort to help HotelTechAwards competitors focus on their core campaigns.  

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1. Why are the Hospitality Innovation Awards being postponed?

To limit the amount of work required for the HotelTechAwards and help participating vendors focus solely on gathering client reviews and partner recommendations for their awards campaigns.

2. If my company made a nomination already, will it count towards the scoring in the HotelTechAwards?

Since the Hospitality Innovation Awards are being postponed to be run as their own competition, bonus points for nominations will not count towards determining winners in the HotelTechAwards.

3. What if I already nominated our clients?

Any companies that have already submitted an application/nomination at the time of this note being published (October 30th, 2019) will receive $25 in free lead credit per nomination made to compensate their company for the time spent completing the nomination form.