Discounted e-blast exposure for HotelTechAward Winners

  1. Overview
  2. Finalized e-blast launch dates and mockups *UPDATED*
  3. E-blast process and timeline
  4. Benefits
  5. Discounted pricing and exclusive access for winners
  6. FAQs


Promote your brand front and center to 220,000+ hoteliers across the globe for a fraction of the cost

One of the benefits of having a community of top providers at your side is the ability to pool resources and increase your exposure to reach more hoteliers.  Hotel Tech Report is going to be sending out e-blasts congratulating winners in major publications totaling exposure of more than 220,000+ hoteliers.  In these e-blasts there are 8x available spaces for your company to be featured front and center.

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**Go live dates, mockups and updates**

--Ready for launch--

Hotel Marketing (Launches Wednesday 3/7)Reach: 45,788 hoteliers
Updated eblast mockup/design
Featured Companies: Screen Pilot, TrustYou, IDeaS, Clock Software, Loopon, HelloShift, Koddi, AxisRooms

Hotel Executive (Launches Thursday 3/8)
Reach: 76,437 hoteliers
Updated eblast mockup/design
Featured Companies: Screen Pilot, RainMaker, HotelIQ, IDeaS, Clock, AxisRooms


  • (COMPLETE) Weds Feb 28th: E-blast concept design sent to participating vendors for review
  • (COMPLETE) Fri Mar 2nd: Vendor feedback deadline
  • (READY FOR LAUNCH) Weds Mar 7th: (Mockup)
  • (READY FOR LAUNCH) March 8th: Hotel Executive (Mockup)
  • March 13th: HT Magazine (Mockup)
  • March 19th: HOTELS Mag (Mockup)
  • March 28th: Lodging Magazine (Mockup)
  • TBD: HospitalityNet (Mockup)


Preliminary Mockup: What will the e-blasts look like?

Latest mockup per registered vendor feedback 2/14/18:

E-blast process

  1. Companies will have until the February 15th deadline to register and choose their e-blasts
  2. When enough companies have signed up, we will reach out to participating vendors with a mockup and target date
  3. Vendors will have an opportunity to provide feedback to Hotel Tech Report for us to tailor the content to their needs
  4. Hotel Tech Report will adjust based on feedback from vendors and send a final mockup for approval along with a launch date
  5. We’ll go live! 🚀

If for any reason you were to choose an e-blast/campaign that didn’t get fully funded (eg. Fewer than 8 vendors registered) we will fully refund your purchase or offer to transfer it to a more popular newsletter that has more companies signed up if that is of interest for you.  

What benefit does my company get for being featured in the e-blasts?

  • Promote your brand to an enormous distribution network for a fraction of the cost of what it would take for any one vendor to do so themselves
  • Elevate your brand and increase awareness for your company by creating positive brand associations with other top vendors in the community 
  • Open rates on e-blasts are exponentially higher than click through rates so having your brand front and center will increase your visibility exponentially when compared to vendors who are just mentioned in the press release
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Note: Due to limited availability, spaces will be given on first come first serve basis

What is the pricing for the available e-blasts relative to standard pricing if my company purchased a spot for ourselves in that publication? 



Will e-blasts feature other companies too?

E-blasts will feature your company's logo front and center in the graphic congratulating winners.  The e-blast will look similar to what is show above (but always open to feedback if you would like to see any potential improvements or are interested in even more prominent feature or dedicated email for your company).  

Why are there only 8 spots/email available?
To ensure high visibility for featured vendors, we are limiting the number of vendors who will be featured prominently to only 8 vendors/email.

Can I buy out multiple spots to give my brand more prominent visibility?

If you want even more exclusive prominent visibility you can purchase any number of the spots in the email yourself (eg. if you purchased all 8 spots we would only feature your brand front and center).  If you have any particular needs or ideas please reach out via the live chat any time. 

What article will the e-blast lead to?

The e-blast will link to the press release about winners but the added value is that as you know  The other opportunity for increased visibility on the site (especially going into the awards announcements and company marketing driving traffic) is through our sponsorship tiers which you can learn more about here.  We have entry level tiers for category winners starting at as low as $200/month.

When will e-blasts be sent out and when is the deadline to register to be featured?

To be able to send out the e-blasts with maximum impact in the wake of the 2018 awards, vendors must register before the February 15th deadline.  E-blasts will be sent the weeks of February 26, March 5th, and March 12th.

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