Awards closing bell

Several vendors have reached out asking for extensions to gather more reviews or get last minute reviews verified after the awards closing bell. Unfortunately we are not able to offer any extensions or changes to the competition guidelines.

Announcement & Guidelines: (8/1/19) 2020 HotelTechAwards: New scoring variables, key dates, award types and more

Per the guidelines outlined in the August 1, 2019 announcement, the awards period closes December 15, 2019 and data is exported from the platform the following morning (shown here).

Please note

  1. There will be no exceptions or extensions to the deadline. The guidelines for the awards have been clearly stated for all companies to follow the same rules and therefore we are unable to offer any extensions. All companies had the same 4-month window to collect reviews.
  2. Unverified reviews as of the closing date will not be counted. Unverified and rejected reviews are not factored into the HT Score algorithm and therefore do not count towards your HT Score in the HotelTechAwards final calculation. All participating companies have had the same 4-month window to gather verified client reviews per the guidelines and we are not able to offer any exceptions or extensions as these would be changes to the guidelines and not fair to companies who followed them. If reviews were rejected or are pending verification from the user after the closing deadline, they will not count.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances can there be changes or exceptions made after data is exported on December 16th. All companies had the same window to collect verified reviews and we have the data export date in place to ensure that the competition is fair for all companies and we appreciate your understanding of the importance of this.