2021 Buyers Guide Sponsor Process

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The goal of the budget season buyer's guides is to create a living document that continues evolving over the years becoming the ultimate primer for each category.

While the design and production of each buyers guide is handled by HTR, one of the benefits of being a sponsor is getting to contribute to the content and updates as outlined below.

  1. Category questionnaire: If you are in a new category that doesn't have an existing buyers guide, HTR will send along a link to a short questionnaire where you get an opportunity to influence the content of the guide and infuse it with your expertise
  2. Annual updates:  If your category has a buyer's guide from last year, you will be sent a link to provide any suggestions, revisions or changes to the existing guide's content to update it to the current year and keep it fresh and current.
  3. New value add content: Each year HTR looks to make the buyer's guides more robust and valuable to hoteliers by adding a new piece of content that sponsors will get featured placement in and be able to contribute insights towards.  Last year it was sample ROI pitches/calculators to help buyers understand how to pitch the category internally to stakeholders.  In 2020, the new content will be robust RFP feature checklists (more info will be provided after buyers guides have officially gone on sale towards the end of June).

2021 Budget Season Buyer's Guide Sponsor Key Dates: 

🎟 Registration

  • Feb 1, 2020 -June 1, 2020: 2020 HotelTechAward winner early reservation period
  • June 1-June 15: Premium Member early reservation period
  • June 15-July 15: Regular registration period (1x/category, first-come-first-serve)

🎨 Production

  • July 1-July 15: Sponsors content collaboration and submission period. Sponsors will be sent submission link and instructions the first week of July
  • July 15-Aug 15: HTR design and production period
  • Aug 1-Aug 15: Sponsors are able to review draft guides and submit revisions via Dropbox comments (link and instructions will be sent to sponsors)

🚀 Go live

  • Aug 15-Sept 15: Guides go live as they finish production and being being promoted on HotelTech Report
  • Sept 15, 2020-Sept 15, 2021: 1-year buyers guide placement and promotion on HotelTechReport through 2022 budget season